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2017 in Review: A Few of Our Favorite Things



As we close in on the new year, the time has come to reflect on 2017 and make new resolutions in anticipation of 2018.  Here at Viventium, we’ve been reflecting on a few of our favorite things from 2017.  In our case, it’s not so many raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens as payroll that ran smoothly and new time and attendance products!  But around our offices, our employees had a lot to say about what they’re most proud of this year - and they can’t wait for more exciting moments in 2018.


These are a few of our favorite things from 2017:


“This year, I’m proud of the accomplishments our company has achieved as a whole. From launching new products to exhibiting and sponsoring at different national events, to continuing in our effort to provide a remarkable and comprehensive HCM solution for our clients. As a growth company, we don’t operate like your traditional company, there are hurdles you have to clear, but this makes the accomplishments that much more meaningful and memorable. I am proud to have finished my first full year at Viventium and I look forward to what 2018 has in store! Stay tuned, it’s gonna be a big one.”  

Rachel Yancius, Vertical Specialist, Marketing

“I'm most thankful for our leadership who trained our team to unite towards the same vision and gave us everything they could to reach our goals. It was quite inspiring to watch not only sales, but every department comes together for Viventium to push forward into the next stage of growth. I'm proud to say that I got to contribute to that growth and cannot wait to see what the future looks like."

- Cody Yheaulon, HCM Specialist, Sales

“As our HR Director, the culture we foster and the happiness and professional development of each employee is everything to me. I am so proud that the Management Team - and each of our individual contributors - embrace this vision of camaraderie. You can see it and feel it in the teamwork and spirit of our Tribe. The culture we have is not easily replicated and requires daily care, and every one of our employees delivers on the promise of making work feel great.

I have many favorite memories this year! Hanging out with our Development Team and getting to know them personally at one of Manhattan’s oldest buildings stands out! They are funny, passionate about what they do, and true magic-makers. But, like a true HR Pro, I can’t just pick one great memory.  Recording Viventium Voices with the Marketing team was another true highlight of 2017: the laughs flowed easily, but the thought leadership we were able to engage and provide to our clients - while remaining lighthearted and never taking ourselves too seriously - now THAT was priceless.”

- Rebecca McCormick, Director, HR

“Out of the many memories that I could choose from here at Viventium, my favorite has to be the time I walked into the office on my birthday only to find that my cube had been transformed into a giant caramel macchiato from Starbucks.  Although I was surprised to see the massive transformation, I should have expected it since everyone here really goes the extra mile to celebrate each other.  Not only did it feel awesome that my teammates would go out of their way to celebrate me, but they knew enough about me to know that coffee is what makes me happy.  They really get me, that’s Viventium.”

- Gabe Castaneda, Manager, Implementation

“2017 has been a year of tremendous progress for the company in general and Client Services in particular. What seemed like a dream became a reality. We promised to pick up every client call within 7 seconds and we delivered on that with an ‘In it with you’ mentality. I’m extremely proud of our team and honored to be part of it.”

- Herman Hirsch, Manager, Client Services

"Our team is like a family, we laugh, we debate, and we share our knowledge with each other. Viventium has the best work-life balance - it has become a part of our life, and one that we are quite proud of."

- Hadas Nahon, Director, Software Development

We’re preparing for the new year, and we’re sure you are, too.  In the midst of year-end bustle, take a few minutes to reflect on your year - learn from the mistakes, and celebrate the successes, big and small!  We can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store.  

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