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Learning Management System

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Nevvon was born out of a clear need in the marketplace.

Every year, health care companies spend countless hours and thousands of dollars to ensure that the caregivers they hire and place are skilled, trained, educated, and certified according to the precise requirements of the state they operate in. Nevvon knows because they used to be one of them. This antiquated process is inefficient and expensive, not to mention the fact that there are a host of other issues that often occur along the way.

Once upon a time, Nevvon owned and operated a home care agency with thousands of caregivers on their roster. Managing the certification and continued education of every one of them was a cumbersome, time-consuming, and costly process. They realized that this very real pain point wasn’t only experienced by their company but was also a problem that seemed to come part and parcel with the trade.

They set out to make a change.


Software Overview

Interactive tools like instructional games, case study simulations, demonstration videos, and more

Single sign-on for caregivers and employees through Viventium Employee Self Service

Single sign-on for administrators through Viventium Software

Up-to-date compliance training for online orientations and in-services

Messaging tool to communicate with caregivers and employees

Management portal for a holistic view of agency learning

Cloud-based solution access via web or app

Dashboard for tracking compliance

Ad-hoc and scheduled reporting

Course Overview

Client success team to support both caregivers and agency administrators with onboarding and technology adoption

Training offered in 9 different languages including Spanish, Russian, and Cantonese

Create administrative efficiencies with automatic program assignment

Load your own agency content for caregivers and employees

Professional RNs to answer questions regarding training

Choose from a rapidly expanding library of 150+ modules and 800+ lessons



Learning Management Systems ROI Calculator


Home Care

Our LMS is designed to provide caregivers with educational requirements and training according to their specific state regulations. Enhance employee performance by giving access to courses that cover a range of topics, from safety to medical care to communication to harassment. Everything takes place through a simple, intuitive, and user-friendly app that lets your caregivers educate themselves at their pace and on their schedule.

Skilled Nursing

We provide e-learning in a range of topics, including safety, medical care, communication, and harassment. In fact, some of our most popular courses include Dementia, Infection Control, and Mobility Assistance. We tailor our content to be useful, interesting, and engaging. Our team helps ensure you get the best transition period for your skilled nursing facility and helps guide you every step of the way.

Other Industries

Every year, companies spend a significant amount of time and money to ensure that the employees they hire and place are skilled, trained, and educated. Required trainings, including sexual harassment, can sneak up on you and can cause you to be out of compliance. Our mobile application makes it easy for employees to complete necessary courses on time.

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By filling out this form, you submit your information to Viventium, who will use it to communicate with you regarding updates and other services.