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“The COVID pandemic placed skilled nursing facilities under even greater security and regulation than before. Combined with threats of Medicare cuts, the tight oversight and unique ACA requirements like payroll-based journal reporting create a maze of compliance obstacles for SNF administrators and their payroll teams to navigate. When I entered the HCM world over 32 years ago, I was already very connected to nursing facilities through two elderly relatives who spent the last years of their lives as residents. Therefore, easing the burden of skilled nursing facilities in meeting their payroll/HR compliance obligations so they can provide quality care gives me great personal satisfaction.”
– Yonina Shineweather, CPA, Consulting Director of Compliance Services

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We have the tools and people to support your HR team with everything from employee handbooks to employee relations issues. Your employees are your greatest company asset and your biggest source of liability. With the right HR practices in place, you’ll be able to mitigate risk and maximize potential.

Dedicated Health Support Team

You’ll receive high-quality client service from your Dedicated Health Support Team. Together, they’ve supported thousands of health services clients. Whether you need audit assistance or help with system navigation or custom reports, our team is available to help. They’ve even assisted clients with local regulations, like wage parity in New York.


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It’s not just the 30 years of payroll industry experience or the fact that we pay over 424,000 health services employees, but maybe it’s the 93% client retention rate that allows senior care facilities to have confidence and reassurance that their payroll is done right.

Buena Vida Case Study

Skilled nursing facilities have unique payroll and HCM needs. Unfortunately, many software providers fall short of meeting those needs. Not because they aren’t great at handling payroll and HR, but because they aren’t suited to manage payroll and HR for skilled nursing facilities. From incomplete knowledge to inadequate reporting to insufficient tools, generic providers aren’t equipped to tackle the nuances and complexities inherent at skilled nursing facilities.

Read “Generic Payroll and HCM Create Generic Results” to discover what happened when this facility replaced its payroll and HCM provider with one that finally understood its business.

Additional HCM Products

We partner with industry leaders with top-notch solutions to offer our clients a comprehensive suite of tools to effectively manage their workforce.


Apploi is the leading software for health care hiring, offering smart job distribution across 80+ sites, 1-click apply, integrated interview scheduling, and unlimited email and texting. Reach top candidates quickly, whether you’re staffing one workplace or many.


Nevvon’s mission is to enhance employee performances by enabling companies to make powerful decisions based on data-driven knowledge. Nevvon built a one-of-a-kind technologically advanced online education system to enhance the health care education sector.


OnShift’s next-generation human capital management platform fundamentally transforms the relationship between senior care organizations and their employees. OnShift’s innovative workforce solutions, including time and attendance, scheduling, and employee recognition and feedback, foster a culture where people want to work.


SmartLinx’s workforce management suite offers scheduling and time and attendance solutions.

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