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4 Things to Look for When Selecting a Time and Attendance Solution


I'm late, I'm late for

A very important date.

No time to say hello, good-bye,

I'm late, I'm late, I'm late.

Unlike the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, we hope you don’t find yourself late this season. This time of year (around year-end and the holidays), our schedules tend to fill up and we become overbooked. While we can’t prevent you from being late (sorry!), we do want to free up some of your time for the fun stuff this holiday season. That is why we’re sharing with you some tips for selecting a Time and Attendance provider!

You probably read my first Time and Attendance blog on preventing time theft in the workplace. And if you haven’t, you can check it out here. It’s important to protect yourself and your company from time theft, and the first step toward doing this is to select a Time and Attendance software solution that can help you!

My previous blog talked about 4 common ways employees steal time from employers:

  1. Recording inaccurate time
  2. Taking time for personal activities
  3. Taking frequent breaks
  4. Buddy punching

With the right HR policy in place and a remarkable provider of Time and Attendance software, you are much less likely to have a time theft issue at your company. And this time around, we’re going to make sure you know what to look for when selecting a Time and Attendance solution. Whether you’re late (like the White Rabbit) or extremely punctual, you will benefit from these tips!

Here are 4 things to look for when selecting your Time and Attendance software solution:


1. Integration

If you find a Time and Attendance provider that you love, but it can’t integrate with your present software, what’s the point?  The most innovative companies today make sure their software is ready for integration. Think of it as a buffet - you get to pick and choose your favorite dishes and sides to form your ideal combination. Then when it’s time to eat, you’re happy with everything on your plate!

2. Intuition

Let your software think for you. An intuitive Time and Attendance solution that can anticipate an issue before it arises, or that know when a pay rate needs to change, is a keeper. It’s like when you’re about to hit send on that really important email (with that really important attachment) that you forgot. And then you get the pop-up notification saying, “You may have forgotten to attach a file”. It’s that feeling of relief when you almost messed up, but the software had your back. Thanks, Microsoft Outlook!

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3. Automation (NOT manual processes)

Automation is key when it comes to Time and Attendance software. 35% of businesses with 51-1,000 employees and 65% of businesses with 1-50 employees are still keeping track of Time and Attendance using paper forms, according to a report by Software Advice. Why? Because they haven’t seen what’s out there! Make it easy on yourself and sign up with a system that can automate your time information. Remember what life was like before you could automatically pay bills, share social media posts, or send emails? Yeah, me neither. You’ll forget what manual Time and Attendance calculation and input are, too.

4. Customization  

Let’s be real - no two businesses today operate the same. So why should your dashboard be the same as the next? If the software can’t be customized to fit your needs, keep on looking! Ever find that one pair of jeans that just fits? Your software should give you that same exact satisfaction.

Year-end is a great time to evaluate your company’s needs. Are you satisfied with the software and systems you have in place? What’s lacking? What could be better?

…And while you’re looking, take a minute to consider Viventium Time - we have not one, but two options that may work for you.


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