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8+ Ways to Bond with Your Team This Summer


Summer is the time for pools, beach days, and fighting to control your hair in the humidity.  It's a time when people get together for backyard barbecues and rooftop happy hours with family and friends.  But summer is also a great time for some team bonding!  We've put together a list of things you can do to bond with your team this summer and make the most of the season.  Let's get some employee engagement going. 

Because we know there are two types of summer people – those who love the heat and sunshine, and those who certainly do not – we've got a breakdown of outdoor and indoor activities to give your team the best bonding experience possible.  After all, they deserve it! 

Bring the Heat

Bring your team out of the confines of the office and take advantage of the summer sunshine with these outdoorsy team bonding ideas.

1. Corporate Survivor 

This thrilling activity divides your team into tribes who are tested both physically and mentally.  Unlike the reality tv show it's based on, Corporate Survivor encourages your team members to work together within their tribes to save each other and keep everyone on the "island."  Each challenge presented to the tribe requires a different skillset, which allows different team members to show their specific strengths.  Corporate Survivor is a great way for your team to bond together while working toward a common goal. 

2. Scavenger Hunt 

This is a particularly good idea if you have some new employees on your team, as a scavenger hunt will give all employees the chance to get to know one another better while working together to gather the requested items.  Whether you use a service like cityHUNT or make up your own list for your team to follow, a scavenger hunt will get your team out of the office and exploring the area around them.  It's a less physically demanding way to enjoy the sunshine!

3. Charity Walk

Get your team together for something that matters.  The warm weather of summer is the perfect time to organize your team for a charity walk.  Maybe your organization has a particular cause that you always support – check to see if that charity is hosting any walks near you this summer, or contact them to see if your company can host one on its behalf.  If you don't already have a regular charity you support, consider polling your team to see what causes they care strongly about.  Your team will feel great bonding through fitness while contributing to a meaningful cause.  Our Viventium team certainly did when we walked with Walk MS to raise money for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society! 

4. Take it one step further

If these ideas don’t sound out-there enough for your crazy team, try one of these adventures: 

Chill Out

Feel like you will irrevocably melt if you spend even one more minute in the heat this summer?  Don't worry – these ideas will take you out of the humidity and into the A.C. while still letting you bond with your team.  While bowling, happy hour, or a team dinner are certainly options, have you considered these less-traditional team-bonding plans? 

5. Escape Room

Want to team-bond and team-build at the same time?  Bring your team to an Escape Room.  If you're ever on social media, you've probably witnessed a team or group proudly posting photos of their successful escape from a zombie apocalypse, investigation of a crime, or finding of a cure for an epidemic.  Teammates are put into a room with a theme, and they must solve whatever the puzzle is together in a certain amount of time in order to escape.  While certainly a fun activity, escape rooms also offer teams the chance to "practice and analyze their skills in communication, organization, critical thinking, logic, and creative genius" in a high-stakes scenario.

6. Wine and Paint

You don't have to be artistic to experience the benefits of being creative.  In fact, several studies have shown that creativity reduces stress and can produce many positive health effects.  Get your team's creative juices flowing with a trip to Pinot's Palette for a painting and wine event – even the least artistic member of your team will get a laugh out of attempting to replicate the painting instructions.  While wine and painting are more of individual activity, the event itself is a great opportunity for the team to chat while also relieving stress.

7. Movie

The Northeast experienced a heatwave at the beginning of July.  Record temperature highs are rampant across the U.S.  What better way to escape this summer's heat than by chilling in an air-conditioned movie theater?  That's just what our team did – as soon as The Incredibles 2 came out, we got together in an AMC movie theatre to relax after work and watch a movie most of us have been waiting fourteen years to see.  And summer is the time for blockbuster movies, with dozens of films being released over these few hot months. 

8. Get out-of-the-box while staying indoors

Check out a site like Groupon for deals on crazy group experiences at places like: 

Can’t get your team out of the office?  Bring the bonding to your team with a random in-office celebration!  From an ice pop cart to a beach theme day, to a make-your-own-sundae bar, there are plenty of ways to get creative with your in-house bonding plans. 

Summer will be over before we know it!  Take advantage of the season to get your employees engaged in team bonding activities that will improve workplace collaboration and productivity. 


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