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Formulas, processes, and analysis. Vision, creativity, and emotional connection. This is what HR is all about. It’s a little bit of administration. It’s a little bit of strategy. A little bit of science. A little bit of art. And a whole lot of passion and skill.

OK, who are we kidding? It’s a whole lot of administration! But the larger point is that it’s important not to let yourself get bogged down by it. The future of HR — and its ability to drive organizational success — will be found at the intersection of art and science.

Science isn’t just about AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics to drive better insights into your people and faster processes. It’s also about balancing some combination of technical and tactical aspects related to managing compliance, running payroll, administering benefits, pulling time and attendance reports, and performing custom calculations.

You’re balancing headcount, you’re managing spend, and on top of that, you’re analyzing all the results of these activities and maximizing processes to consistently improve, streamline, and innovate.

Science, it turns out, is pretty exhausting!

The greatest scientists are artists as well. — Albert Einstein

Thankfully, it’s only half the equation. Even though it might sometimes seem otherwise, HR as an art has never gone away. No amount of data or AI could replace the human element of human resources. Behind all of that science are a million inflection points where the strength of your intuition, EQ, and relationship skills come into play.

When that data reveals a problem, employees don’t rely on a chatbot. They rely on you. It’s your creativity and empathy that equips you to make sure your organization runs smoothly. And as jobs change, competition increases, and technology evolves, your role as an invaluable resource for employees will only become more integral and impactful. As an HR scientist and artist, you have the great privilege of giving people the support and tools they need to do their best work and live their best lives.

This blend of art and science in HR is the inspiration for our booth (#2002) this year at the 2019 SHRM conference. At Viventium, we’ve made it our mission to support HR leaders with intuitive HCM software that delivers one-of-a-kind remarkable experiences — wonders of science and art.

The Art of HCM

As the future approaches at an alarming rate, this mysterious combination will only become more complex, nuanced, and critical to business success. You’ll need exactly the right data, tools, and strategic support to discover, create, and fulfill your company’s potential in a new world of technology and change.

Join us at booth #2002 at SHRM to discover how you can hone your craft and fine-tune your processes. Explore for yourself the art of HCM to expand the potential of your organization. We hope to see you there!

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