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Say Goodbye to Spreadsheets and Hello to Business Intelligence – Reasons Why Health Services Need Business Intelligence Software


Automize Spreadsheet Info


Don’t you wish sometimes that you were a wizard or magician who could simply wave a wand and let magic assist you with comparing and analyzing various reports and finding the information you need? We get it – and you’re in luck! Gone are the days when you had to waste hours attempting to do this all yourself.

Instead of spending critical hours pulling data from multiple spreadsheets manually, you can now outsource this process and save yourself a lot of time. An automated system that allows you to quickly run reports, generate charts, and build graphs – a business intelligence tool that connects to your human capital management (HCM) software provider – is essential in this day and age. This type of system will allow you to gain insight into any part of your payroll and employee data and present your findings with ease.

Below we gathered some top reasons why your health services organization should use business intelligence software.

Quickly Combine Data
Instead of looking at multiple data sets and Excel sheets and trying to put these pieces of the puzzle together yourself, business intelligence software enables you to connect the dots and see the patterns across your HR and payroll data almost instantly and as often as you like.

With a robust B.I. system, you’ll be able to compare and contrast data quickly by combining and displaying information in one clearly viewable location. Instead of spending time manually creating and analyzing two or more reports, the program can assist you with finding connections, patterns, and outliers in your data.

Identify Inconsistencies before Problems Develop
You've probably heard the phrase "time is money," and it's certainly true when it comes to spending hours manually analyzing data in Excel. With your experience, you likely know whether things feel right or wrong, but a little additional help certainly won’t hurt. With B.I., you’re able to analyze data promptly and identify any inconsistencies or red flags before they snowball into something major.

When you can easily access your HCM data when you need it, evaluate, compare, and contrast it, and detect any problems with your payroll or HR system, you'll be able to take well-informed actions quickly – saving time, which also translates to money saved!

Customize Like a Pro
Can your Excel program create 14 different visualization reports just by dragging and dropping? With B.I. – it’s that easy!

A quality system will allow you to pull the most common reports your health services business regularly needs: from ACA eligibility reporting, to overtime compensation by date of service, PBJ reporting, and more.

Have multiple FEINs? You’ll be able to view data on a cumulative level or by company. You can even export all this wonderful data and send it in PDF format to your colleagues or another organization that you need to report to.

Ready to add a business intelligence system to your organization’s software arsenal but don’t know where to start? Look no further – visit our Business Intelligence page to learn more about Viventium’s B.I. tools.

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