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Business Leaders Don’t Have to Be Spreadsheet Nerds with Viventium’s New Business Insights Tool That Extracts End-to-end HCM Data


BROOKLYN, N.Y. — (April 4, 2017) — Viventium — a transformative, living, and purely cloud-based HCM solution that provides actionable insight into your business — proudly announced today the release of a new HCM data tool, Business Intelligence, that can generate actionable analytics without the help of a spreadsheet expert or analytics team.

Business Intelligence allows users to build and generate security-protected dashboards — right before their eyes — using an organization’s HCM data across any touch point in the Viventium HCM software platform. The tool’s simple and intuitive design uses drag-and-drop technology to produce actionable insights for human resource employees, team managers, and leaders, or an organization’s top executives.

“Business leaders, managers, or team leaders shouldn’t have to be spreadsheet nerds or employ a small army of data experts just to access their organization’s people data,” said Gary Trainor, CEO of Viventium. “Virtually anyone can access powerful HCM analytics.”

Business Intelligence draws from data typically found in silos in most organizations —  meaning users can access insights from data such as payroll, absence management, training, benefits administration, and compensation.

While the insight possibilities are endless, some data insight examples include:

  • Employee turnover by department or job function over time, with an added dimension of compensation analysis
  • A crosstab report detailing overtime by department, across any time frame, and by employee hours and labor costs
  • Demographic analysis by department, gender, or ethnicity
  • An analysis of PTO by department, job role, or function

At the speed of a mouse click, Business Intelligence creates analytics that can be produced as spreadsheets, pivot tables, pie charts, and dozens of other visual models to put HCM information in the hands of people who need it.

“There are so many ways to examine an organization’s people data to create business insights, but few organizations have the expertise to extract that data,” Trainor said. “With our new Business Intelligence tool, you get to choose what information you want to see, in whatever format you want to see it, on whatever device you select, using a truly simple and intuitive interface. We think Business Intelligence is a game changer in HCM technology.”

Viventium’s release of Business Intelligence is the first in a series of releases of the tool, with future updates adding innovative functionality, including predictive analytics.

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Viventium Software Inc. is a transformative, living, and purely cloud-based HCM solution for business management that provides a remarkable user experience and design anyone can use with ease, unbeatable analytics, and insight into your business. No one dares to provide HCM client service like Viventium — we are truly in it with you. We notify our clients about potential problems and areas for improvement before they even know issues within their companies exist. Our unmatched software is built with you and for you, so you get a truly one-of-a-kind, remarkable experience that enables you to fulfill your company’s true potential.

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