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An eCap Recap – 2023


Palm trees, golf, Shaquille O'Neal, and of course, tons of food – while these things all exist at eCap, the heart of the conference lies in the attendees, sponsors, and speakers. This year, the focus was not 100% on COVID-19 but on the path forward for long-term care facilities. Their work is such an important part of life serving seniors in the communities we all live in.

We asked some of our favorite partners as well as our internal attendees to shed some light on what makes eCap a conference that cannot be missed:

Terra Vicario, CMO, Viventium

I cannot tell you how impressed I am with the speakers and panel sessions at eCap. The first session I attended was a panel discussion called “Crisis Mode – Preventing Bad from Getting Worse,” and the insights were eye opening. Facilities face all types of crises, whether that’s a pandemic, mother nature, or crises pertaining to patients or employees. The panel did an amazing job of sharing their experience to help guide owners.

The second session I attended was the “State of the Union” presentation. And all I have to say is “wow!” Clif Porter has a passion for this industry and the people who serve within the field. Attending eCap is about networking and partnership, but I highly recommend attending a session when you can. There’s a wealth of knowledge to gain.

Adam Lewis, CEO & Founder, Apploi

We had a tremendous time connecting with our customers and community at eCap this year. Unsurprisingly, staffing, retention, and culture were common themes in my conversations with operators. In this post-Covid world, where facilities are working to determine what successful staffing looks like between agency and full-time employees, it’s incredibly important to invest in your teams. Health care is a people business. It's essential that owners have the tools, systems, and data in place to address those challenges at scale.

Stephen Harn, Regional VP, Field Sales, OnShift

We love connecting with providers face-to-face, and as always, eCap provided the perfect opportunity for us to do just that. In our conversations, one thing is clear – workforce challenges continue to consume the long-term care industry. While occupancy and demand for care is rising, the ongoing workforce crisis and looming national staffing minimums leave little room for optimism. Right now, providers are laser-focused on introducing innovative technologies and initiatives that will help them boost hiring, improve retention, and optimize their existing workforce to ensure consistency.

Mike Seamon, VP of Sales, Viventium

As a sponsor, eCap continues to stand out as a premier event. Everyone in attendance has similar goals – to find new partnership opportunities while learning about trends impacting all aspects of senior living. It’s exciting to see that human capital management is a key focal point for many facilities. Operators are looking at all aspects of automating their processes to drive down operating costs and retain their staff. Having niche vendor partners that emphasize future software development on the senior living space will be key moving forward.

Melanie Boroosan, Director of Healthcare Innovation, Apploi

I spent a lot of eCap discussing financial pain points in health care. Across the board, there’s still one big theme – staffing shortages. These shortages, mixed with mandated staffing levels, force facilities to spend more on agency costs. Because of high spending, facilities have to limit resident admissions, which results in a lower census. I heard some great ideas and takeaways from industry leaders on how to solve this issue, including investing in employee education, prioritizing retention, and leveraging technology to scale your staff.

Heshy Greenberg, HCM Sales Specialist, Viventium

eCap 2023 was the best conference I ever attended. The last few days were so amazing. It was great seeing all of our clients, and I am looking forward to continuing our relationships. We made so many new friends, had beautiful and meaningful conversations, and had the most amazing times with the best owners and operators in the health care industry.

Natalie Lambert, CRO, Apploi

As a first-time eCap attendee, I was blown away by the sense of being right at the center of health care networking and collaboration. Owners and operators are facing some serious hurdles right now. They’re managing staffing ratios, disparate systems, and retention pressure. But digging into those pain points in person and seeing how Apploi is helping to address those issues makes me so excited for our future impact in the health care industry.

Emily Corrao, Client Success Manager, Viventium

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to attend eCap Summit 2023. It was so exciting to be there representing Viventium and getting the chance to meet some of my most valued clients in person. While at the conference, I was also able to gain further knowledge regarding legislation effecting the SNF industry and the day-to-day struggles my clients are facing. This insight allows me to better understand their needs when providing service and introducing our products that can help streamline their HR processes.

So, as we move forward, and you think about what events to attend in the future, be on the lookout for eCap 2024 – the experiences above show why this is one health care conference you really don’t want to miss!


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