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Expectation vs. Reality: Viventium Edition



Funny the way it is, if you think about it, how expectation can differ greatly from reality.

We grow up with a certain perception of what work will be like, and in many cases, reality is a lot different than what we had imagined. Now, of course, it's never an apples to apples comparison, as different industries and geographic locations yield different work cultures (and some do remain conservative). But in general, we know the working world has changed and become more flexible compared to twenty years ago.

Our perspective of work is shaped by things such as television, print ads, and even stock photos. These can sometimes gloss over the truly human aspect of the workplace and portray a cringe-worthy, robotic, sterile, and unrealistic narrative.

That's why we decided to have a little fun and compare situations our company encounters to those of stock images, just to show a glimpse of what #realworldhr looks like.

Hence, we present to you....

Expectation vs. Reality: Viventium Edition


The Monday Morning Meeting

Expectation: Buttoned up, graphs galore.

Reality: Remote, virtual, productive.


Everyday Hallway Chit Chat

Expectation: Suited up in a sterile alien spaceship office.

Reality: Coffee, friendly, always professional.

Leaving the Office After a Productive Day

Expectation: Discussing work on the way out.

Reality: Discussing life on the way out.

Munch Time

Expectation: A perfectly presented meal with time to sit down and enjoy.

Reality: Grab and go! We have clients to support.

That CEO Life

Expectation: A CEO.

Reality: Our CEO (yes, that's ice cream in the cooler).

A Team-Building Event

Expectation: Googling "team building activities" and incorporating them into a meeting.

Reality: Teams who "scavenger hunt" together stay together.

An Office Birthday

Expectation: Canned birthday celebrations, one size fits all.

Reality: Personalized birthday celebration decor to celebrate individuality.

An Employee Work Station

Expectation: A work space that makes you wonder, "Does anyone even sit here?"

Reality: The chaos that creates genius ideas...

Working with a Mentor

Expectation: Learning from a mentor.

Reality: Connecting with a mentor.

Attending a Trade Show

Expectation: Show up and work the trade show booth.

Reality: Live the experience of SHRM 2019!

An Employee on PTO

Expectation: Time away from work.

Reality: Time away from work sporting company swag.

A Company Year-End Party

Expectation: Year-end celebration in the office.

Reality: Celebrating year-end off-site.

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