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Health Care Recruiting Outside of the Peak Hiring Season


Health Care Recruiting Outside of the Peak Hiring Season

Health care recruiters grind all year round. We’re not about to say that there’s a month of the year when health care hiring calms down, exactly, but just like most industries, there is a peak hiring season. We’re different people in the winter than in the summer. Why shouldn’t health care recruiting change with the seasons, too?

Even outside of the peak hiring season, health care recruiting is super competitive. But in the last year, health care recruiting has absolutely exploded. Job posts are at a high while recruiters try to bounce back from the so-called Great Resignation.

In health care, the “slow season” isn’t really slow. All the same, employers can watch out for seasonal hiring trends and use this data to strategize throughout the year.

When is the Peak Hiring Season in Health Care?

New year, new hiring budgets, new you – or at least, new staff. Like many industries, health care’s hiring season tends to peak in the first few months of the year. This is when many employers have the budget and flexibility to do most of their hiring. Because of this, January and February can be even more competitive than usual.

But early in the year isn’t the peak for everyone. Why? Because every business has external factors that influence hiring. Are you expanding your agency or facility or opening a second location? Are you expecting an influx of new clients? For all of these reasons and more, you can have your own “peak season.”

Your hiring strategy can affect hiring practices too. Do you hire a lot of recent graduates? Then your peak hiring season might happen in the months after local nursing programs finish up, which brings us to our next topic. . .

Seasonal Hiring Trends in Health Care

Many health care roles are in demand all year long. But we took a look at the data and found some trends that are worth noting.

Health care job posts have been at a high all through the past 12 months. We’re not shocked. After all, the health care and social assistance industries saw a massive increase in departures last year. Now, recruiters are out in full force, looking for job seekers who can fill their vacancies.

Usually, health care jobs are posted most frequently from January through March, with a low point around May. But data from Emsi Burning Glass shows that both hospital and ambulatory jobs have been posted at unusually high rates all through the past year.

How to Hire Outside of the Peak Hiring Season

We’re not about to say there’s a non-competitive time to hire in health care, but there are moments in the year when the competition isn’t quite so intense. This may be an opportunity to get ahead of the game and even overhire in anticipation of unexpected turnover.

During your most competitive hiring season, you’re probably laser-focused on finding candidates and getting job offers accepted. But by tracking your own hiring data, you can see where your recruiting efforts ebb and flow throughout the year. Here are some of the ways you can take advantage of your not-so-slow “slow season.”

Improve Your Internal Hiring Process

Now’s a good time to work on your actual hiring process. You can’t cross a river if your bridge is collapsing below your feet. But when you’re busy hiring dozens or hundreds of candidates, you might not realize your process isn’t working until you’re in serious trouble.

When your hiring is slowing down, you might have time to actually assess your process. Even if you’re still busy, this period is your chance to update your technology and process, break down silos, and develop a better flow of communication with candidates. Make sure you’re reaching candidates quickly, keeping hiring streamlined with an effective applicant tracking system, and efficiently screening them for the minimum qualifications.

If you don’t already have a collection of standard messages to send your candidates, work on developing these now and let your company brand shine. It is hard to be creative under the pressures of hiring season. When you have a few extra minutes, crafting the exact language that gives candidates insight into your company culture can make a difference. Look for places you can automate hiring steps so it can move along faster. Make sure the right people are involved with hiring – and that you don’t drag out the process by adding too many cooks in the kitchen.

But just because these candidates are new to the industry doesn’t mean they’re not in demand. Ensure you’re reaching them as quickly as possible and keeping your hiring streamlined with an effective applicant tracking tool.

Spend More Time with Entry-Level Candidates

If you’re past the peak hiring season for most of the industry, you might find yourself in a situation where a majority of qualified candidates have already been snapped up. But there’s a silver lining to this situation. This can be your chance to spend more time with recent graduates and first-time health care workers.

You might reach out to local nursing programs. Look for chances to speak to students who have (or will soon have) the qualifications to fill your vacancies. Build these relationships now, so you can benefit when these students are looking for jobs.

Take this time to make your business more attractive to new workers. There are lots of ways to go about this. Try creating career plans for different roles, offering entry-level training, and establishing a new-hire buddy system for extra support.

Focus on Internal Training Programs and Potential Trainees

With a little more breathing room in your recruiting schedule, you can focus on training your next generation of candidates. There are loads of ways to do this. You can offer mentorships, training programs, or even tuition reimbursement to encourage candidates to get the education they need.

You can also run awareness campaigns for non-clinical roles. These workers might have all the right experience but be new to the industry. You have the ability to show candidates why working in health care might be the right move. With these strategies, you can build a pipeline of trainees who are ready to fill your open jobs.

Hire Effectively with the Right Software

We know that health care employers need software that works together. That’s why Viventium offers a recruiting and hiring platform through Apploi to provide a seamless candidate experience. With Viventium Payroll and Viventium Recruiting powered by Apploi, find top candidates, make an offer, and bring them on board before the competition gets a chance.

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