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How to Thank Your Skilled Nurse During National Skilled Nursing Care Week


Throughout the ongoing COVID-19 health emergency, thousands of skilled nurses have and continue to give their compassion and utilize their unique skills caring for our loved ones amidst the fears and unknownOne can certainly say that all the work that they’ve done in the past 15 months is nothing short of miraculous and wholly embodies the message of what skilled nursing and senior care is truly all about. 

Skilled nurses play a vital role in our health care across the nation. Although it’s always a great time to honor their service and heroism, National Skilled Nursing Care Week in May is particularly dedicated to them. So, join us in continuing to thank them all for their enduring efforts – not only this week but every day for the hard work they do daily ensuring our loved ones are taken care of. 

If you’re looking for some ideas for ways you can show your appreciation, you can consider the following: 

    • The Gift of Subscription: With extra-long days and weeks, it would be really thoughtful to provide your skilled nurses with subscription service. A delivery subscription is a great choice, or you could provide a few options and let them choose which would be of greatest use during this difficult time. 
    • The Gift of Donation: There are so many organizations in need at this time. Ask your skilled nurses which causes they feel strongly about and make donations in their names. A little money goes a long way in times like this, and what better way to put some money to good use. 
    • The Gift of Thanks: Collect thank you notes for your nurses from a group of coworkers and/or patients they assist and put them together in an e-card, you can even send them along with electronic gift cards 
    • The Gift of Experience: Today, you can pretty much try anything, especially now that things are opening back up. Sip and paint, escape roomsmini golf, and more! You name the experience, it’s probably on Groupon!  
    • The Gift of Choice: Sometimes its hard knowing what someone likes. But who says you have to guess? Ask your skilled nurses via email or using whatever form of communication works best something like, “I wanted to do something truly special this National Skilled Nursing Care Week to show how much we appreciate your hard work. Please choose from the following ideas and let me know which would make you the happiest.” Surprises are nice, but sometimes options are even nicer, especially with everyone trying to cope with the pandemic in their own ways. 

Besides the gifts mentioned above, you can always provide services in the workplace that will help you keep your skilled nurses happy and with your facility longer. According to Skilled Nursing News, high turnover for frontline nursing home workers has emerged as a key issue, with a median turnover rate of 94% and a mean rate of 128% in 2017 and 2018. Raising wages is one option, but you can also provide the following benefits to make their lives easier:  

    • Flexible pay options: Skilled nurses don’t just want direct deposit and live checks but paycard programs as well.  
    • Access to information: Give your skilled nurses the ability to view and print paystubs without having to call or go into the office.  
    • Training and development: Opportunities for continuing education and training are strongly desired.     

Of course, National Skilled Nursing Care Week is not the only time to show gratitude to skilled nurses for all the marvelous work they do every day, and any of these gifts and benefits would surely be appreciated any time of the year. 

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