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If Viventium Were a Pokémon, We’d be MewTwo


As a millennial, I’m extremely knowledgeable about this Pokémon fad that has resurfaced to the highest level. The articles, social media posts, and daily Pokémon Go conversations provide a strong nostalgic feeling to me along with millions of others. After spending some time digesting all of the hype, I took it upon myself to think of what my favorite Pokémon was back in the year 2000.

There’s Charizard, whose fiery breath is not to be reckoned with. Then there’s Pikachu, the lovable Pokémon who you can always count on. These two Pokémon are very interesting and were great potential favorites, however, I’d have to say my favorite Pokémon of all time is MewTwo. MewTwo is the rarest Pokémon of all and carries all the attractive traits of the best Pokémon such as power and reliability. MewTwo is in a class of its own.

Now, why am I bringing up Pokémon?


Well at 24, I’ve segued from being a Pokémon Trainer to a Human Capital Management (HCM) Sales Specialist for Viventium, a company that specializes in Payroll and Human Resources for small to mid-sized businesses. This company has been inspiring, to say the least, which I attribute to how it differentiates itself in the HCM marketplace. Providing the most user-friendly software, being fully customizable, and providing the highest level of client service, it’s almost as if Viventium is the MewTwo of HCM! Similarly to how MewTwo changed the game for Pokémon players, Viventium changes the game for businesses and CEOs alike who have their sights set on “what better looks like!”

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