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Millennials Meet the Real World


Hi, I’m Jeff.  I’m funny, but she’s a better writer.

Hi, I’m Sabrina.  Yes, I am a better writer…and he’s not that funny.

You’re entering the world of two young adults who have recently crossed that terrifyingly irreversible line from college life into the workforce.  Don’t get us wrong, we love our jobs here, but it is definitely a change from our time in school.  Sure, they tried to prepare us in college for our careers, but no preparation compares to being thrown right into a real experience.

Every day there’s a new article popping up on our newsfeeds talking about “The Lazy Entitled Millennial” and “What Millennials Really Want in a Job” and “Why Do Millennials Have to Shorten Every Word They Say?”  Well, in this blog series, we’re going to answer these v important questions from the perspectives of two Real Working MillennialsTM.  We know other generations are just trying to understand us, and full disclosure, we’re still figuring out how to navigate the workplace.  And because we do actually think about things other than Snapchat, we’ve been tasked with talking about real work topics and sharing our perspectives with you, our (hopefully) eager readers.

While we both build with Viventium on the daily, and share an appreciation bordering obsession for all things Harry Potter, our individual perspectives tend to be pretty different on a lot of topics.  We’ll be sharing our respective thoughts on topics ranging from commuting to office culture to mentors to those “oh crap” moments when you realize you don’t actually know what you’re doing.  Allow us to introduce ourselves:

Jeff is our 2015 Rutgers graduate and soccer-obsessed digital marketing specialist. When he is not working, he is playing upside down the guitar for his alternative folk band, “Cold Weather Company”.

Sabrina is a 2016 Boston University grad and our SEO marketing specialist.  She’s a lifetime writer and dancer, so outside of work, you can usually find her teaching a Zumba class or working on the novel she promises she’ll publish someday.

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