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National Home Care and Hospice Month 2023


November is here and with it brings National Home Care and Hospice Month! A time of year where we get to shine a light on the heroes who provide essential care to individuals in the comfort of their own homes. Working tirelessly, caregivers deserve recognition and support for the invaluable services they offer, providing care, support, and comfort in familiar surroundings. This compassionate, personalized care allows for people to be able to spend increased time with their loved ones without worrying about the stress of caregiving and provides clients with a much-needed sense of independence and dignity.

While caregivers provide an invaluable service to their clients as well as their clients’ family and friends, they face many of their own invisible challenges. The nature of their work can feel isolating, emotionally draining, and physically exhausting. It’s important to show appreciation and support for these caregivers, not just during the month of November but also throughout the entire year.

As a home care or hospice agency, here are a few ways that you can show your appreciation and support for your hard-working caregivers.

Provide Training Resources

Like other jobs, caregivers get better with the more experience and training they receive. While experience comes naturally with time, supplemental continued education resources and support can be provided too. According to the 2023 HCP Benchmarking Report, only 61.7% of agencies provide some continuing education to caregivers on an annual basis.

By providing these educational resources to your caregivers, you show that you’re willing to invest in them and their career development. Even if you’re one of the agencies already providing this service to caregivers, be sure to touch base with them, ensuring that they’re aware of the resources available and that the training material is relevant and productive. This is a great way of investing in your caregivers, showing your appreciation, and improving the quality of care that your clients receive, all at once.

Support Their Work Environment

Another amazing way to show appreciation to your caregivers year round is by offering a supportive work environment. The fact of the matter is that in home-based care, caregivers are not surrounded by their coworkers all day. This makes it difficult to form connections or vent frustrations to people who understand the challenges that they’re going through. That, paired with the difficult emotional and mental toll associated with the nature of their work, can cause many star caregivers to burn out.

Providing a medium for open conversation between caregivers is a fantastic way of combining mental health support, team building, and caregiver appreciation! Whether that’s a bowling night, team dinner, or trivia night, all that matters is that you give your caregivers the chance to be surrounded by people who can listen and relate to some of the challenges they face every day. Remember, every agency is different, so be sure to ask your caregivers what THEY would like to do rather than just looking around at what other agencies do.

Offer Gratitude

Of course, what better way to show an employee you appreciate them than with a gift and note of appreciation. While it’s probably impractical to fund a grand gesture, giving caregivers a little something and writing them a handwritten note can go a long way in letting your caregivers know you see and appreciate the hard work they’re putting in. After all, it’s easy to forget that while it may be obvious to you that you appreciate them, your caregivers aren’t mind readers, and what isn’t said isn’t known.

The more personalized the better! A bag of candy that they mentioned they liked in a conversation you had before or a funny memory you shared with them included in the note can elevate an otherwise small token of appreciation into something much more meaningful.

In It with You

During National Home Care and Hospice Month, it’s important to remember that the care and support caregivers provide is invaluable. By recognizing and supporting employees, you can ensure that they continue providing compassionate and high-quality care while also maintaining their well-being and job satisfaction.

At Viventium, we’re lucky enough to see and be inspired by the impact that caregivers provide to their communities each and every day. Our mission is to enrich the lives of caregivers through technology so they love going to work every day. If you’re interested in learning about the ways that Viventium can support and impact the lives of your caregivers, take a look at how we can make an immediate impact on your agency.

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