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4 Payroll System Software Features that Make a Difference


Most of us do not think about payroll features in our spare time, but if you are running payroll regularly, you may daydream every now and again about ways to make things easier. After all, a quiet payday is a successful payday! Gross to net calculations are important, but today there is so much more that you need in order to have a better payroll processing experience. Here are 4 payroll system software features that make a difference.

Geo-Tax Coding

Trying to figure out which taxes to withhold often sounds like a school math word problem we insisted we never would need to see again. Here’s an example. Bobby works in Philadelphia, PA, and decides to move to Doylestown, PA where he can enjoy more property. To which locality does he pay income tax and unemployment tax?

When you are in charge of payroll, you have to solve that problem not once, not twice, but for each of your employees, and every time, an employee moves. With geo-tax coding, you no longer need to figure out where taxes are withheld manually. All you need to do is enter a valid work and home address, and the system will automatically take care of assigning the correct withholding taxes.

Automated Rate Settings

Nothing is more frustrating than changing the same rates over and over again, every payroll. It’s like the movie Groundhog Day. You may have variability in pay rates between work locations, jobs, positions, shifts, unions, and more. With flexible payroll software, you can assign rate rules based on departments, locations, positions, jobs, and more! You can even create pay rules based on a combination of all the above.

Your employee was moved to a different department? No problem, great payroll software automatically starts using that department’s pay rules without you having to lift a finger.

Global Search

Time is money, and it’s not efficient to scroll through employee lists to find who you are looking for in your payroll software, especially if you’re managing multiple companies. If you want to look up a check number or jump to a specific section within the payroll software, a global search makes that a reality. Sometimes it’s the little things that matter.


An API is an application programming interface. What does that mean? If you are like the rest of the world who uses more than one piece of software to manage your employees, you may often wonder why you spend so much time keying information in twice.

When you can share information between two applications, you eliminate errors. Your payroll system software should have an API that allows you to share information with other software like time and attendance, benefits, general ledger, or even industry-specific software. If two companies have open APIs, integration is possible, and it eliminates the need for file imports.

Payroll System Software Features

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If you don’t get to enjoy these payroll system software features today, evaluate your options! A software demo is always the best way to see what can make your payroll processing simpler. Don’t wait for a major issue to pop-up – find a platform that helps you to “keep calm and run payroll.”


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