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Bringing Magic to SHRM 18


What makes an experience magical?  We thought a lot about that when we were planning to attend the SHRM conference this year.  Whether it's the lighting, the atmosphere, or the company, there's usually at least one element that awes us – something that makes us stop and go, "Wow."     

Think about the scenes in the Harry Potter movies when the students enter the Great Hall at the beginning of the year.  Lights float above tables and below majestic cathedral ceilings, with dramatically well-written music playing in the background.  You feel a sense of wonder as the camera pans across the scene.  That's what you'll experience when you walk into our SHRM 18 booth this week.


24K Magic: Our Booth at SHRM 18

Okay, we didn't rent out the set of Hogwarts.  But we did create an unconventional booth that will sweep you off the SHRM floor and into the backstage of a modern-day magic show. 

You read that right.  Let me set the scene for any HR professionals who couldn't make it to SHRM this year: 

You’re drawn to the booth by the smoke that seems to be coming from it. What’s that?  Oh, it’s just purple nitrogen popcorn.  Look up, and you’ll see stars reflecting off of the white tent above you. Viventium magic videos play on the two TVs attached to the column holding up the tent.   

Nitrogen Popcorn at Viventium SHRM 18 Booth

Look around and you’ll see four free-standing iPads waiting to be used by Viventium representatives.   Dressed in classic tuxedos, they're ready to chat and give you the most magical software tour you’ll ever receive.   

You’ll walk away feeling refreshed and inspired. Out of all the booths you'll see at SHRM, you won't forget this one.  You’ll even take away a delicious snack that will make for some fantastic Snapchat selfies and Instagram stories.   

No, it's not real magic; it's HCM magic. 

And of course, if you heard about or saw our debut booth at SHRM 17 last year, you know that here at Viventium, we don't do things just for show.  This year, we once again complemented our unconventional booth by bringing some magic to Open Heart Magic, a Chicago-based charity dedicated to "helping all sick kids get their magic back."

Open Heart Magic Founder, Mike Walton, and Viventium CMO Terra Vicario

Every Little Thing Employees Do is Magic

You're intrigued, I can tell.  But you're probably wondering – what's with the focus on magic this year? 

Magic is about making the impossible possible.  It's about, as the Collins English Dictionary puts it, "an event that is so wonderful, strange, or unexpected that is seems as if supernatural powers have caused it" - or, "a special talent or ability" that a person possesses. 

Everyone has a little magic inside them.  When we each bring that magic to work every day, we can make seemingly impossible things happen.  We can create magical, remarkable experiences for our clients, our co-workers, and ourselves.   

That's what we strive to create through our software and our service experience.  If we can give our clients a magical experience, we can empower them to create their own magic at work. 

If you're at SHRM 18 this week, stop by booth #3240, snag some smoking Nitro-Pop popcorn, and see how we're bringing magic to work every day.  And if you're #NotAtSHRM18, check out this video to experience some of the magic anyway! 

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