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Do You Believe in Magic? You Will After SHRM 18! 


We're back!  The SHRM 2018 Annual Conference & Exposition is in Chicago this year, and you better believe we've got our tickets booked to fly out to the Windy City. 

Last year, we had the opportunity to meet so many great people and share with them our Viventium story and mission.  If you attended SHRM17, you'll remember our booth was a little different.  We built it out of cardboard boxes, instead of spending thousands of dollars on an elaborate setup.  And then we took the money we would have spent on the booth and donated it to two local charities: Second Harvest and the New Orleans Women & Children's Shelter. These charities share our focus on empowering people, and on creating remarkable experiences for them. 


This year, our mission is still the same, even though our booth's a little bit different.  We're excited to show you how we’re helping you bring magic to work every day.  

Wait, magic?  What does that mean?  Well, for us, it means creating amazing employee experiences. If that’s something you care about — and we know you do — then you likely also care about the employee experience of your HR software. (You probably wouldn’t be reading this blog otherwise!) 


Magic Beyond SHRM 


The truth is that bringing magic to work isn’t just a booth concept. It’s part of our mission. It drives how we think about our work, our clients, and their employees.  And it drives how we've created our remarkable software. 

Anyone who has had any experience with generic software knows that it creates friction and causes frustration - a less-than-magical experience if you ask us. So many logins, so many curious and confusing places to click. But it doesn’t have to be this way.  

What if you could wave a wand to conjure a more enchanting experience? What if you could have HCM software that: 

  • Anticipates user needs — like a psychic predicting next moves. 
  • Integrates seamlessly with your other programs — as boundaries disappear into invisibility. 
  • Provides remarkable client service — understanding your needs before you even have to ask.  

Hey, guess what – you can! That’s what it means to bring magic to work every day. And that’s how we at Viventium bring HCM to life — one remarkable experience at a time.  

Got to see it to believe it?  We'll be at booth #3240 at SHRM next week – the magical-looking one, you won't be able to miss it!


The People Behind the Magic  


Of course, let’s keep it real: none of this is really magic. After all, your HCM is too important to leave to chance! Behind the curtain, we’re just a bunch of smart and dedicated people who care about making your life and the lives of your employees better. 

But it's not just your employees. We’ll also be bringing some of our magic to Open Heart Magic, a Chicago-based charity committed to “helping all sick kids get their magic back.” As the organization explains: 

“Being hospitalized can be frightening for anyone, but especially for a critically ill child. As kids undergo difficult or painful treatments — surrounded by strangers — they can become overwhelmed with fear and sadness. That’s where Open Heart Magic comes in. Our Bedside Magic™ programs bring laughter, hope and strength to sick children — one-to-one — at their hospital bedsides. Our volunteer Hospital Magicians are trained to work with all kids in a hospital — regardless of their medical conditions or physical abilities — so that every child can benefit from this entertaining and empowering therapy.” 

We’ll be making a donation to Open Heart Magic and hope you will consider doing the same — because all children should experience the power of magic.  


Who's Ready for SHRM18? 


That being said, we can’t wait to bring magic to SHRM18 – because all employees should experience the power of magic, too!   

Our booth will be pretty smoking, so pop by to say hello! (The italics are there for a reason — and that’s all we’ll reveal. For now!)  And while we'll be mostly on the expo floor, we also can't wait to hear some magical insights from SHRM speakers like LaRosas HR Executive Director Steve BrowneFacebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, and Wharton Professor Adam Grant. 

We look forward to meeting you and joining forces to bring magic to work every day! 

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