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Something Old, Something New, Something…Purple?


Anniversary. Noun, meaning “the yearly recurrence of the date of a past event” or "the celebration or commemoration of such a date,” according to  The term comes from the Latin word “anniversarius,” meaning “returning yearly.”  And as you know, here at Viventium we love our Latin word origins (in case you’ve missed it, Viventium is Latin for “living”).

Why does this matter?  Well, we are here today, October 31, 2017, celebrating our first anniversary as Viventium.

People honor all different types of anniversaries, whether for twenty-five years of marriage, a ten-year reunion of a graduating class, or a year since officially beating cancer.  But all anniversaries have a few things in common - a glance at where it all began, a celebration of progress, an acknowledgment of the time that has been invested, and a wish for the future of anniversaries to come.

The classic Broadway musical Rent poses the question best: “525,600 do you measure a year?”  For most of us, we think about a year as 365 days, 52 weeks, 12 months.  Some of us may think of a year in terms of revenue generated, deals closed, product lines introduced, or NPS scores achieved.

But in our case, every minute spent building has contributed to a company vision to embrace a living, breathing software company…

A glance at where it all began

The story of Viventium started over 25 years ago, but BDB Payroll wouldn’t become Viventium until 2014 when our significant investments started.  For the next two years, we worked to build a truly remarkable HCM experience for our clients, and a brand to match.  We paired our 25 years of experience in payroll software and exceptional client service with new growth capital to launch our new, end-to-end cloud-based HCM software.  And on October 31, 2016, we announced that software to the world.

If you’ve been following our story, you know that our Viventium brand name comes from the Latin word for living - and that is truly what our brand is about.  We built Viventium Software to be a living part of our clients’ organizations, to contribute to their work culture in a meaningful way.  Over the past year, we’ve continued to improve on that meaningful contribution by expanding our offerings - adding Talent Acquisition, Business Intelligence, and Time and Attendance products in response to our clients’ needs.  That’s right, a world - we’re not just payroll anymore.

A celebration of the time invested

That living I mentioned is an integral part of our own work culture here at Viventium.  With one year behind us, and as I pause to acknowledge all that our company has accomplished, I can’t help but think of the amazing team that brought Viventium to life.

We know that change isn’t easy.  Our employees not only had to change the way they answered the phones but also needed to embrace the many new products that we announced within this year.  Our employees’ dedication and energy truly helped us create remarkable experiences for our clients - and continue to do so.  “In it with you” is not just a tagline - it’s a mantra that describes our employees, and that has been a theme across our first year as Viventium.  Even with a client retention score of over 90%, we invested in our people to improve their skills through industry certifications, in our UX/UI to make HCM a more intuitive and enjoyable experience, and in a restructure of our Client Services teams that would tailor our offerings to our clients.

And of course, we had some fun too!  We introduced Viventium Under the Stars, a company-wide wellness program that encourages our employees to get active by providing a fun, alternative fitness events.  We embarked upon adventures together as a team - following a personal trainer in a workout throughout Central Park, learning country line dancing that raised our heart rates and our spirits, and taking a classic walk from Manhattan to Brooklyn and back over the beautiful Brooklyn Bridge.

A wish for the future

As Judith Rodin, former president of the Rockefeller Foundation, said when discussing its impending centennial, “Don’t just celebrate.  Imbue your commemoration with the understanding that looking back can be more than mere nostalgia for the past.  It can inform a whole body of work for the future.”  While a first anniversary is extraordinary, you can’t help but admire those anniversaries that celebrate 5 years, 10 years, 25 years and more.  They are a testimony to the hard work and passion that isn’t just meant for a short time but lasts forever.

So today we say “cheers” to our first Viventium anniversary: to all of the little things that made this a great year (and we all know the little things matter), and to all of the big things yet to come!

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