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Specialized Software to Elevate Home Care Performance


If you’ve ever done any sort of rock climbing, such as bouldering, free climbing, or mountaineering, you’ve probably looked for the best climbing shoes and browsed reviews to compare type, durability, fit, and features. You’ve also probably researched equipment to get the best that’s out there and then contacted a trusted partner or hired a seasoned professional to help you along your journey.

Just as you would prepare for a climbing adventure by acquiring the best gear to help you ascend to the summit and reach your goal, your home care agency needs specialized software to achieve peak performance.

If you were to take regular shoes and a mediocre kit on your climb, you’d likely return barefoot and exhausted with those shoes in your hands. Generic doesn’t always make the cut.

Cons of Generic HCM Software


Unable to Handle Intricacies in Pay

  • If you work in home care, then you already know that payroll in your industry is unique, having to deal with multi-rate overtime, retroactive pay, payroll nuances, and other agency-specific items, such as live-in cases, family caregivers, holiday and weekend premiums, and on-call cases. Your organization will continually have to do extra work to ensure compliance and accuracy.

Limited Reports With Multiple Errors

  • The drawback of most cookie-cutter HCM software are that they don’t provide reports needed by specific industries, like home care. Instead, they only generate generic reports, and you need to do the rest of the work on your own.

Incompatible With Other Software Programs

  • You might use different HCM vendors for payroll, talent management, and time and attendance, but are all these systems integrated and able to exchange data? Most likely not! Unfortunately, when these systems aren’t integrated, you are more prone to encountering errors and producing incorrect information. This could affect your employees’ pay and result in inaccurate reporting to CMS and other important entities.

Not User-Friendly

  • They don’t provide platforms and applications that are intuitive and easy to use for home care agencies. They don’t know the information you need to track and therefore don‘t have the fields available. You need a user interface that can guide you through payday, especially with all those complex scenarios.

How Can Viventium Help Elevate Your Agency’s Performance?


Retroactive Pay/OT

  • Automatically pay prior weeks due to late timesheets and determine if overtime is necessary. Not only do we look back and allocate the hours properly, but we also Retroactively blend the rates to comply with FLSA OT.

Custom Pay Stubs

  • Allow employees to see pertinent information upfront, like charge dates, location, and rates, and audit unpaid hours easily.

Geo-Tax Location 

  • Federal, state, and applicable local taxes automatically populate the employee profile. Great for quick and easy onboarding.

Global Search

  • Find employees and paychecks without having to search within each software tab.

OT Premium/Blended Rates

  • Properly blend multiple pay rates per FLSA guidelines.

Charge Dates 

  • How often do your caregivers call in contesting their pay for a specific day? If you use Viventium, less calls come in, and when they do, you have answers in seconds. Generic payroll companies only recognize “check date,” while our payroll calculations can be driven off of the “date of service.”


In the same way you’d want specially designed gear for the type of climbing that you’re doing, your agency should have specialized HCM software adapted for your industry from a provider catering to your particular needs. Whether your agency needs software for payroll, human resources, or both, an easy-to-use, customizable, and intuitive cloud-based HCM platform will help elevate your agency to top-notch, peak performance.

“Viventium is a perfect blend of a great product and great service. The software itself is extremely user-friendly, especially compared to other solutions we’ve tried, and the client service really stands out.”

Simon Mord – Big Apple Home Care

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