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Take Your Child to Work Day 2018


The annual Take Your Child to Work Day tradition carries on in its 25th anniversary at offices across the country today, giving the future generation of the workforce a glimpse at what their future work could be.

The day started in 1993 as Take Our Daughters to Work Day, to introduce young girls to a variety of occupations and expand their understanding of what careers were available to them.

Activist Nell Merlino, who originally came up with the concept and worked with Gloria Steinem's Ms. Foundation for Women to bring the day to workplaces across America, shared in a recent Business Insider interview her goal to help young people find their passion by observing people around you who are pursuing their passions; as Merlino puts it, "once you see what it looks like, you'll know how to find it yourselves."

In 2002, the iconic program expanded to include sons, as well as daughters, to show all kids the possibilities open to them.  This year's official theme is "Service Force: Agents of 'Positive' Change" – and that's something we can all get behind!

Here at Viventium, we're giving our kids today an idea of what that passion looks like. Our visiting kids are interviewing different employees, learning about what our employees do, why they chose their jobs, and what they're most passionate about at work.

Our kids are also getting a taste of the business world by coming up with their own new business, from a product to a company name to pricing and advertising – for creative ideas ranging from an origami stand to a traveling DJ business to a dance studio.

The kids are learning a lot today, and it's been an excellent experience for the adults, too!  Interacting with the kids is reminding us what it's like to be curious, high-energy, and open to learning new things – something we can all take back to our daily work lives.

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