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Above and Beyond: Taking a Moment to Recognize Home Care, Home Health, and Hospice Organizations and Caregivers in 2020


What Does Going Above and Beyond Mean?

We all have heard the saying, but when you think about it, there is going above and beyond every once in a while, and then there is going above and beyond each and every day. We only ever have 100% of ourselves to give in any situation, but it is the heart and soul behind that 100%, rather than just going through the motions, that makes the biggest impacts. This year, we watched our health services clients and their teams of heroes truly make a difference in and across our communities.

A Home Care Pulse Benchmarking survey discovered that 88.3% of caregivers expressed that the top reason they were attracted to the profession was a desire to help people. This proves that caregivers in the home care industry not only go above and beyond once in a while or in response to a pandemic but that they go above and beyond with their hearts and souls. When many were quarantining safely at home, caregivers had to make perilous journeys into others’ pandemic bubbles, surrounded by the uncertainties of the virus and often exposed to even more risk via public transportation – all while trying to protect their patients, their families, and themselves.

What We Saw From Our Health Services Clients in 2020

During the ongoing COVID-19 health emergency, thousands of home care and hospice aides and nurses have given and continue to give their unique skills and compassion to care for our loved ones amidst the fears, the unknown, and perhaps the worst – with no end in sight! One can certainly say that all the work that caregivers have done in the past months is nothing short of miraculous and wholly embodies the message of what home care and hospice truly are about.

They continue to persevere despite facing challenges keeping their businesses staffed with increasing demand, their employees safe with proper equipment and training, and their clients reassured that they will still be cared for in the best possible ways under the circumstances. And as many organizations leaned on programs like tax credits and PPP loans to ensure their businesses survived and thrived, resulting in more questions, more work, and more paperwork, one thing became clear: our clients need us.

As COVID-19 sped up in April, the Home Care Association of America reported that 60% of home care organizations were experiencing staff call-offs, and what was a highly competitive market quickly became one struggling to find talent.

These workers have done their best to take care of our most vulnerable and at risk. But with staff shortages, they have frequently been doing the work of not just one but two or three while having to take all the extra precautions for their patients’ safety as well as for the safety of their families and themselves.

How Can We Show Our Appreciation?

Caregivers play a vital role in our health care system and in homes across the nation. Although it’s always a great time to honor their service and heroism, November is particularly dedicated to them as National Home Care and Hospice Month. So, join us in continuing to thank these caregivers and organizations for their enduring efforts not only this month but every day for the hard work they do daily to make sure our loved ones are taken care of.

As part of our dedication and lasting commitment to health services, check out our thank you video and thank you page recognizing and displaying our appreciation to our caregiver heroes.

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