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The Hierarchy of Caregivers’ Needs – How Agencies Can Meet Those Needs: How One Agency Owner Uses All of Her Resources to Retain Caregivers

August 31, 2021

In part 1 of our summer webinar series, “The Hierarchy of Caregivers’ Needs: How to Reward Your Agency with the Gift of Caregiver Retention,” a power panel of industry experts from a variety of fields came together to discuss difficulties that home care agencies and caregivers frequently face today and ways that can help keep turnover low and caregivers happy. (If you missed part 1, you can watch it now via the link above.)

During their conversation, these panelists addressed the needs of caregivers and took us on a journey of the caregiver experience, providing a glimpse into their mindsets and highlighting what keeps them with an agency for the long run. While the details they provided are invaluable, they are best complemented by hearing from someone who runs their own agency.

In part 2 of our summer webinar series, The Hierarchy of Caregivers' Needs: How One Agency Owner Uses All of Her Resources to Retain Caregivers, you’ll hear from Eli Collier, who owns and operates a HomeWell franchise alongside her husband, John, in Nashville.

Eli will share her day-to-day experience with running her agency and attracting and retaining caregivers. Her candor, knowledge, and expertise offer great insights into how other agency owners can implement a few new ideas to combat this ongoing business challenge.

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