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In It With You: Snow Edition


Let it be known that today, February 9, 2017, is my first snow day as a full-time employee AKA an adult. Or, you might say that I am now "adulting" full-time. It's up to you. Previously, I have had many snow days where I identified as either a little kid or as a student. This post is intended to walk you through the different snow days I’ve experienced in my life. Buckle up! Seriously, it's bad out there.

The first snow day that I (probably) experienced as an infant, I don't remember, but I’m sure it consisted of my parents having a somewhat restful day at home (minus my Dad having to clear the driveway and sidewalk) and taking care of my baby self. I have to say, I think that the quality of life in our household has significantly increased since my Dad purchased a snowblower.

My next snow day was one as a toddler or little kid and elicited the excited “SNOW DAY!!” response sometime around 6 AM, followed by “Mom, Dad, can you please take me sledding?!”. Those days were so much fun, despite the inevitable frostbite/red face I got from refusing to wear some article of clothing that I so obviously needed. Kids are stubborn. It’s not just me.

These kinds of snow days also usually involved a snowball fight with kids on the block. I would like to remember it like when Buddy the Elf engages in a snowball fight with his brother’s bullies at Central Park. However, none of us were truly that skilled at the art of snowball crafting or throwing. Obviously, because Buddy is from the North Pole…

My next memorable snow day is probably the high school snow day. These were definitely different than the little kid snow days because usually students knew the snow was coming and expected to be given off. No more surprises. These snow days were always fun, but usually just spent hanging out with friends inside.

My most recent snow day, that is now only a memory, is the college snow day. Now, this snow day is arguably the most fun of all. Colleges, in preparation for the snow, would usually call off classes relatively early the day before (thanks Fordham!). So, this would leave students with plenty of time to get extra studying in, I’m sure.

Now, the snow day that I’m currently experiencing isn’t so much a snow day, but more like an “I can’t drive to work because my street hasn’t been plowed, my car is buried in snow, and the parkway south is a mess, so I will work remotely because my boss rocks and doesn’t want me to die on the way to work” day.

Today is my first work “snow day”, and it is significantly different than snow days before it – a relocation day more than a vacation day. I sit here sipping my Keurig coffee out of my oversized mug and gazing out my window at the snow, while remembering all the snow days past, with my dog Ralph (those of you who know me know that Ralph wasn't going to go unrecognized in this post). This is relaxing. But also not really, because the laptop in front of me keeps beeping with the arrival of new work e-mails. But also it’s okay because it’s just Sabrina and Jeff. Even though the elements may be against us today, as one Viven-team, we are dedicated and hard at work servicing our clients.

It’s funny, as you grow up, the sort of things you start to look at as milestones – like these snapshot memories of snow days. Today is momentous; this really feels like my first “adult” snow day. Welcome to the working world, I suppose! I feel like I've been experiencing a lot of first "adult" things lately as a full-time, working, millennial. Including, but not limited to, being a part of my first Marketing team, my first brand roll-out, and recently, my first year-end celebration. Which was remarkable, I might add. A lot of people say that adulting is hard, but I'm having a pretty good time at the moment.

As you go through life, I guess you learn to appreciate how your “snow day’s” evolve.

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