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Time and Attendance Challenges in Skilled Nursing During COVID Times


Scheduling and tracking employee attendance can be a great challenge for skilled nursing facilities, especially during this time of the year, with flu season, winter weather, and now COVID-19. It’s not only about monitoring the time worked, but when tracking time and attendance manually – or even with a big-name general market company’s software – it can be very difficult.

Your skilled nursing facility needs robust software that can be customized to their particular needs like supporting flexible shifts worked across multiple locations.  You also need a system that can accommodate a vast array of working patterns, rules, and intricacies. On top of that, the amount of time spent creating schedules and tracking time and attendance is not cost-effective.

Need more convincing? We’ve highlighted the top challenges that skilled nursing facilities often face when it comes to time and attendance and how they can be tackled with the right software below.

If this sounds like your skilled nursing facility, here are a few areas to focus on this year.

Recording Inaccurate Time

According to an APA study, 45% of respondents admitted to recording inaccurate time as a method of time theft they’ve used. Although it may seem innocent and be only a couple of minutes difference, we know that inaccurate time and attendance can be costly: The APA estimates that time theft can cost companies up to 7% of their gross annual payroll!

How does this happen? Well, it’s a lot easier to get away with if your organization is using a manual time system. If your system is manual or outdated, you might want to consider implementing time and attendance software to accurately track your employees’ work time.

Safety Issues Due to In-Person Clocking In

In the past, this time of year meant a spike in flu cases. Now, with COVID around, your skilled nursing facility needs to be even more cautious with keeping common spaces sanitized and ensuring that employees are following CDC, federal, and local regulations and guidelines with clocking in so that outbreaks can be avoided. Instead of utilizing biometric time and attendance software, where employees need to clock in and out physically at a machine, employees can use a mobile system where they can clock in from anywhere safely.

And this will not only address safety measures for combatting COVID and other pathogens. Having a mobile time and attendance software system will help with productivity, allowing your employees to clock in from anywhere they are performing duties if your organization has various sites.

Absence Management

With both flu season and COVID in full swing, a lot of absences may be encountered, creating widespread disruption for your business. If employees become ill, having an employee self-service system where your employees can request their sick days can help you keep track of the time off requested and better handle absences. Tracking PTO and absences manually without linking it to an HCM solution will divert productive HR time into unnecessary paperwork that pretty much begs for human error.

You don’t need all that hassle – be practical instead. Your facility needs an easy-to-use ESS portal that is linked to both your payroll and time and attendance solutions, updates automatically, is secure, and provides a snapshot of vital employee information that is accessible to your employees and managers at all times.

HR Management

Your human resources department probably has to handle a large amount of data, from managing the various shifts and the multiple locations that can impact how you pay your employees to put it all together for payroll and hoping that everything is compliant. That’s why you need an integrated system for employee records.

A robust time and attendance system that integrates with your HCM software will help you easily create and manage schedules from one flexible, easy-to-use platform, allowing you to gain visibility and flexibility from anywhere and receive insights into your production costs and time, labor tracking, and overhead expenses.

Having software that features a powerful and straightforward interface that gives you instant, real-time insights to effectively manage your company's time attendance data virtually anywhere will benefit your facility dramatically. It will help reduce the number of hours required to process employee time and attendance and automatically calculate the total hours worked, including overtime, vacation, sick days, and holidays.

If you’d like to learn more about Viventium’s Time and Attendance software or the other HCM software solutions we provide for skilled nursing facilities, visit our Time and Attendance or Skilled Nursing pages.

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