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Vast Capabilities for Effortless Integration


In any outdoor sport or activity, you need the right equipment – and not only that, but you need all of your gear to work well together. When rowing, you need paddles that are the right type and length for your boat and your height. When mountain biking, you need the right frame size and geometry as well as tires for the category of riding you’re doing, and you have to depend on all the parts working together for safety. And if you are like me and want to capture all of this using a GoPro, you will need a helmet that fits nicely with your camera while still fully protecting your noggin.

In the same way, when running your agency, you need the right tools – very specific tools. As different as each program might be, you need to ensure they work well with your payroll and HR software to prevent issues, like double keying, which can waste valuable time and cause costly errors.

Here are the top three integrations our home care agencies have told us they need:

Agency Management Software (AMS)


Why You Need Integration?

  • Manual entry is not only a waste of time and resources but opens you up to incorrect data entry. The element of human error is eliminated with an integration.
  • Why would you want to have detailed data in your AMS but not in your HR/payroll software? Viventium dives way deeper to make sure your data is transparent and flows between the two pieces of software. This can reduce wage and hour liability and also reduce the time spent on an audit.

How It Works Best with Viventium:

We work with your AMS to make sure you are getting the proper data to pass between both systems. Items like date of service, partial patient name (due to HIPPA), rate, clock in, clock out, type of service, and location of service are some of the key data points we bring over. This will allow you to have total transparency, from scheduled-worked-paid-billed-reimbursed.

General Ledger (GL)


Why You Need Integration? 

  • Again – manual entry is a waste of time and increases the likelihood of mistakes due to human error. Speeding up the process while adding a layer of confidence in having the proper data is critical.

How It Works Best with Viventium:

During implementation, we request your chart of accounts. This will provide us with the proper account numbers to map your GL. Once a payroll is processed, you will receive a “journal” file that was custom-made by our team and can be uploaded into your accounting software. The file will provide the data necessary to automate the transition of data from payroll to accounting.

Caregiver Benefit Programs


Retirement Plans

While not every agency offers retirement plans, such as 401(k) they are becoming more common in the industry. Most agencies tend to have low enrollment amongst caregivers; however, having to manually send data to your retirement provider can be tedious no matter how many employees are on the plan.

Benefit Plans

Some agencies offer benefits such as medical, dental, and vision plans, and medical plans include the added complexity of ACA (Affordable Care Act) tracking if you are a Applicable Large Employer. While most agencies will have caregivers that waive the benefit offering, there will be some that elect to enroll. Whether they enroll or waive medical benefits, you’re still required to track it properly for ACA purposes. Viventium is well-versed in the trends of benefit offerings and enrollment percentages with their caregiver population, and we can easily work with your broker and make sure you are set up for success.

Why You Need Integration? 

  • You are responsible for managing all of your employee data from pre-employment through post-employment; the work doesn’t stop once an employee leaves. Having data properly flow from one system to another makes life easier and helps eliminate errors. There is nothing worse than an employee noticing that a deduction is not the same as what they elected – all of that is controllable when systems work together.

How It Works Best with Viventium:

Your payroll, benefits administration, and ACA are in one system. During implementation, we will set up the proper files requested by your TPA, Broker, or carrier. These will be supplied and available based on the frequency needed.

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