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Viventium Brings Happiness to Sick Children by Donating Thousands in Their Unconventional Approach to the 2018 SHRM Conference


BROOKLYN, N.Y. and CHICAGO — (June 15, 2018) — Viventium returns to the SHRM Conference this year with the same mission as the last — to recognize and donate to a local charity that is doing remarkable work in the host-city community that most reflects Viventium’s values.

Viventium — a transformative, living, and purely cloud-based HCM solution that provides actionable business insight — is donating to Open Heart Magic, a charity that commits to "bringing laughter, hope, and strength to sick children – one-to-one – at their hospital bedsides." Open Heart Magic embodies Viventium’s own mission of “Bring magic to work. Every day.”

"There is so much amazing work being done in the world. Whether you're a Viventium employee or an employee at Open Heart Magic, it's important to make a difference. People always want to say that 'it's business, nothing personal.' But when you do make work personal and you put your heart and soul into what you do every day, that's magic,” said Viventium Chief Marketing Officer Terra Vicario.

Viventium will present a $5,000 check to the charity on Saturday, June 16 at 3 p.m. CT at the McCormick Convention Center, where the SHRM conference will be held this coming week. This donation will allow Open Heart Magic to expand and help children at Loyola Children’s Hospital in Maywood, Illinois, where they are slated to roll out a new program this summer. In 2018, Open Heart Magic will reach over 13,000 sick children at their bedsides in 13 hospitals across 3 states.

“Gifts like this allow us to continue to grow by supporting the processes necessary to see more kids in hospitals, through both extended programs at our current hospitals and new hospital programs,” said Michael Walton, Open Heart Magic Founder, and Executive Director.

Open Heart Magic said donors like Viventium are helping them to roll out a brand-new program in the Chicago area and to double their presence in Cleveland-area hospitals in 2019.

“Donations help to pay for the supplies and training to teach new volunteers to go into any part of the hospital and empower kids, helping their parents remember how their child laughed before they encountered the uncertainty of their medical situation,” Walton said.

About Viventium
Viventium Software Inc. is a transformative, living, and purely cloud-based HCM software solution for business management that provides a remarkable user experience and design anyone can use with ease, unbeatable analytics, and insight into your business. No one dares to provide HCM client service like Viventium — we are truly in it with you. We notify our clients about potential problems and areas for improvement before they even know issues within their companies exist. Our unmatched software is built with you and for you, so you get a truly one-of-a-kind, remarkable experience that enables you to fulfill your company’s true potential.

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About Open Heart Magic
Open Heart Magic's Bedside Magic™ programs bring laughter, hope and strength to sick children – one-to-one – at their hospital bedsides. Our volunteer Hospital Magicians are trained to work with all kids in a hospital – regardless of their medical conditions or physical abilities, including pediatric intensive care and oncology departments, the burn unit, and isolation rooms – so that every child can benefit from this entertaining and empowering therapy.

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