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Viventium Time: Powered by EasyClocking Coming Soon


BROOKLYN, N.Y.  — (September 19, 2017) — Viventium — a transformative, living, and purely cloud-based HCM solution that provides actionable insight into your business — today announced the addition of a simple, easy-to-use time and attendance solution that effortlessly integrates into Viventium’s HCM platform, creating a smooth and secure integration of data through payroll and other core HR functions.

Florida-based EasyClocking will partner with Viventium beginning in October, fitting perfectly with Viventium’s elegant look and feel. Viventium is partnering with EasyClocking because it is a reliable and trusted provider of time and attendance tracking, computation, storage, and transfer, which will fit the unique needs of Viventium clients.

“We pride ourselves on giving our clients the choice to use software that fits their business model — software they need and want, not the software they are required to use,” said Gary J. Trainor, Viventium CEO. “By choosing to partner with EasyClocking, we are giving our clients the choice to use software that fits their business remarkably.”

Viventium’s single sign-on capability enables the integration with EasyClocking, simplifying Viventium clients’ experience navigating to time and attendance functions. The integration eliminates the need to export time information or import it separately — instead, time and attendance data will seamlessly connect directly with Viventium’s payroll within the HCM platform.

EasyClocking was also selected for its proprietary time clocks, use of high-tech biometric sensors, superior functionality, and modern design. EasyClocking’s smart card technology is compatible with RFID, Mifare, and all HID technology formats. Overall, Viventium’s newest partner builds on the client’s simplified, yet remarkable experience.

Viventium is planning additional partnership announcements in the coming months.

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Viventium Software Inc. is a transformative, living, and purely cloud-based HCM software solution for business management that provides a remarkable user experience and design anyone can use with ease, unbeatable analytics, and insight into your business. No one dares to provide HCM client service like Viventium — we are truly in it with you. We notify our clients about potential problems and areas for improvement before they even know issues within their companies exist. Our unmatched software is built with you and for you, so you get a truly one-of-a-kind, remarkable experience that enables you to fulfill your company’s true potential.

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About EasyClocking

EasyClocking® is a leading edge developer of next-generation time & attendance management systems, software and services. Our 9 years of experience has labeled EasyClocking as a reliable name in the time & attendance industry. Our global presence has reached over 30 countries. Our name is trusted in over 50,000 time & attendance systems installed in the world today, to a variety of markets including government agencies, law enforcement, financial services, healthcare, education, commercial enterprises, industrial, construction, hospitality, and the retail industry.

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