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I Guess That’s Why They Call It the (Sunday Night) Blues


Sunday night blues are not a new phenomenon, although in recent years they've worn aliases like "Smonday" and the "Sunday scaries."  Every week, 76% of Americans suffer from Sunday night blues.  For perspective, compare that to the 6.9% of the US population who experienced a major depressive episode in 2016, and the anxiety disorders that affect 18.1% of US adults every year.

So, what are the Sunday night blues? Sunday night blues can sometimes be tied to specific, isolated situations, or they can be more chronic, where every Sunday night brings up the same feeling of dread in anticipation of Monday morning.

When something regularly takes a toll on three-quarters of the population, it's time to investigate and ponder some solutions.

Why read this white paper?

If you or your employees are suffering from the Sunday Night Blues, we'll help you identify the root cause and provide some solutions to help you take back your Mondays. Download  I Guess That's Why They Call It the (Sunday Night) Blues now!

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