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Why Your Agency Needs Learning Management Software


Do Your Caregivers Have the Most Up-To-Date Training to Help Your Clients? Reasons Why Your Agency Needs Learning Management Software 


Every year, home and health care organizations devote many hours and thousands of dollars to ensure that the caregivers they hire and place are qualified, trained, educated, and certified in accordance with the specific standards of the state(s) they operate in.  

Properly training and developing your current workforce is almost always going to be cheaper than recruiting and training new employees.  With suitable training, caregivers will feel more apt to tackle any challenges they find along the way, like caring for difficult patients – one of the top reasons caregivers leave agencies. 

If you take simple steps to encourage support, knowledge sharing, and the improvement of skills, you can equip your caregivers to overcome demanding assignments and situations, which will increase their satisfaction and retention. 

But you don’t have to – and shouldn’t – do this all manually. Below we gathered some top reasons why your agency should utilize learning management software (LMS) if it isn’t already. 

Patient Satisfaction and General Safety 

Being able to give your caregivers an arsenal of tools to cope with a wide range of patients with varying needs will help ensure that they are confident and prepared. Better-trained caregivers are more likely to offer greater, safer care, have higher job satisfaction, and stay with their agency for longer periods of time, ensuring the safety of the patients they care for as well as themselves. 

Client satisfaction, retention, and happiness will likely also increase if you have contented, experienced caregivers offering high-quality treatment and care. And as you probably know, happy clients are more likely to make referrals, resulting in more new business for your agency. 

Customization to Your and Their Needs 

With the right learning program, you’ll be able to customize on-demand learning for your employees, with some platforms offering over 500 lessons to choose from. This will not only prepare them to tackle anything they encounter in their jobs and with their patients but will also help your agency stay up to date with compliance. 

Seamless Integration with Your Payroll Provider 

Many states require that caregivers be compensated for the time they spend completing their training, and plenty of home care providers throughout the United States compensate caregivers for training even if not legally required to. But when training is done remotely, it can be more difficult for agencies to track each caregiver's time spent training when it’s completed on their own schedule and at their own pace. 

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Utilizing a learning management system that integrates with your payroll provider can be a game changer. An integration with your payroll provider will enable your caregiver to be accurately compensated for each hour of training. With a seamless integration that includes single sign-on and an employee self-service application, your caregivers can easily access any training required, from anywhere, at any time! 

Interested in learning management software with the features described above but don’t know where to start? Learn more about Viventium Learning powered by Nevvon on our Learning Management page or by registering for our webinar “An Overview of Viventium Learning Powered by Nevvon.” 

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