2023 Caregiver Wage Webinar: Legalities, Transparency & Inspiration

Join us for our webinar with Polsinelli and MissionCare Collective on Wednesday, January 11, at 12:00 p.m. ET. You’ll hear from Viventium CMO Terra Vicario, Polsinelli partner Angelo Spinola, and MissionCare Collective VP Maggie Keen, who will discuss the impact of pay transparency on your agency in 2023, including: The latest industry trends; Insights & […]

Payroll Feature Spotlight: FLSA Overtime

Let’s face it – while there are many reasons people choose to work for your business over a competitor, the most important thing that you can offer someone is a consistent paycheck. Making sure that paycheck is accurate each and every week is the magnum opus of a great payroll admin. Those who don’t deal […]

Pay Matters: Year-End 2022

Note: As we go to publication, Form W-4 for 2023 has still not been released by the IRS. Employers should continue to accept 2022 forms from their onboarding and current employees. Similarly, the final federal withholding tables (Publication 15-T) for 2023 have still not been released by the IRS. As 2022 draws to a close, […]

Surviving Year-End 2022

Let’s face it – payroll year-end is a test of endurance. But Viventium helps you survive – and thrive. In this webinar, you’ll gain the tools you need to: Reconcile your critical tax reporting reports and forms; Withhold your employees’ taxes correctly – for year-end bonuses too; Stay in compliance with employees claiming exemption from […]

Payroll Feature Spotlight: Geo Tax

There aren’t many business owners who would complain about their business growing. In fact, year-over-year growth tends to be one of the most important indicators for business performance. After all, if you are growing, you must be doing something right. While growth tends to be good, as the musical artist The Notorious B.I.G. once said, […]

Payroll Feature Spotlight: User Roles and Security

As an admin, when you want to find an employee’s Social Security number, direct deposit information, or pay rates, where do you go. . . your payroll software! It’s great to have a single database housing all employee and pay information, but like Peter Parker says, “with great power comes great responsibility” (sorry for the […]

Your Guide to a Health Care Hiring Audit

We all know that health care is the fastest growing industry, with 1.9 million job openings each year. Given that fact, there is no better time to do a “self-audit” on your hiring process! You will walk away knowing where your hiring gaps are so you can create a clear plan to address them.  What […]

Understanding Time to Hire and Time to Fill in Health Care

When it comes to providing high-quality care, fast hiring is crucial – but that’s easier said than done. One pain point can occur when candidates get stuck in the recruitment pipeline, making your time to hire to fill that position even longer, which can be frustrating. We understand that reducing your time to hire isn’t […]


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