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Payroll Feature Spotlight: User Roles and Security


As an admin, when you want to find an employee’s Social Security number, direct deposit information, or pay rates, where do you go. . . your payroll software! It’s great to have a single database housing all employee and pay information, but like Peter Parker says, “with great power comes great responsibility” (sorry for the Spider-Man reference).

OK. . . But Why Does It Really Matter?

When it comes to payroll, securing sensitive information is a must. It is the responsibility of the business and all admins who have access to sensitive data to protect that data from being seen by unauthorized individuals. But does your payroll software give you flexibility in securing your data, or does it only make it more difficult?

An important feature that all payroll software should contain is the ability to restrict access to various parts of the software from certain users.

The Difference Between Good and Great

While most payroll software does have some sort of ability to assign users to roles such as "admin," "accountant," etc., not all provide you with the ability to create custom roles with custom permissions. The ability to create custom security roles is an important part of ensuring that your business can run the way that works best for YOU rather than what works best for your software.

For example, imagine that you have multiple admins in multiple locations or departments that report to a single corporate admin. However, the payroll software you are using only has one admin role that can be assigned, which grants the same access to these multiple admins across all locations or departments.

This might not be a problem in some cases, but let’s say your company does not want any admin other than the corporate admin to have full view of all employees’ pay rates across the company. In this scenario, the corporate admin would be forced to choose either having all admins see each other’s pay information or taking on each location’s or department’s payroll themselves.

Without the ability to create a custom security role that gives admins access to only the pay information they need and restricts them from seeing anything unnecessary, your business is left without proper safeguards. While this is only one specific example, this problem can present itself in other scenarios where you might not want everyone having access to things like workflow rules, PTO policy setups, or GL integrations, to name a few.

Ensuring Everyone Is Secure

Picture this: you, as the master admin, can choose which admins see what data within the software. No more granting unlimited access to everyone or – even worse – sharing logins. No more having employee data overexposed to individuals who don’t need it. No more wondering who made the last change within the software because everyone is using the same level of login access.

Today, you may not realize the limitations you have with limited user and role access, but that comes with not realizing there is a better way! It’s best for your long-term efficiency (and sanity) to simply go with an option that provides you with unlimited users instead of making your life more difficult.

How Viventium Can Help

Luckily, at Viventium, we provide our clients with an unlimited number of users and custom security roles. This lets you set up each person in your organization with an account that provides access to exactly what they need in the software and nothing else. These security roles can control what information they are able to see, what data they are able to change, and what they are able to do within Viventium. This is just one way that Viventium continues to be one of the most flexible payroll and HR software suites on the market.

At Viventium, we’re forever in it with you.


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