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California 6th and 7th Day Overtime: Paying It Right

January 18, 2022

Navigating premium pay rules in California can feel like sailing the 1,999.6 miles of the state’s wild rivers. Add the complexities of home health care payroll, and you may be drowning in a whirlpool of confusing and seemingly conflicting rules.

Catch the Viventium lifebuoy and join veteran compliance expert Yonina F. Shineweather, CPA, for a clear, hands-on guide to California 6th and 7th day pay rules for the home health care industry.

You’ll walk away understanding:

      • How premium pay differs for personal attendants and domestic workers;
      • When premiums apply to 7th day only and when they apply to both 6th and 7th day;
      • Which cases require double time after 8 hours and which after 9;
      • What happens when your workweek is not a calendar week; and
      • Why clear payroll records are so essential to surviving a labor audit.

If you haven’t yet experienced Viventium’s signature mix of payroll expertise, HR insight, and good ol’ clarity, get ready for a refreshing treat. If you’ve been with us in the past – you know that you don’t want to miss this one!

And for more information, check out our article California 6th and 7th Day Overtime – Paying It Right.

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