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The Best Kind of Fall Bucket List for Senior Care and Skilled Nursing Facilities


Fall is one of the greatest times of the year: the weather is getting cooler, the leaves are changing colors, pumpkin spice everything comes out, and you head out for apple picking. What’s not to love?

The same way fall brings an array of new colors and activities, senior care and skilled nursing facilities can take this time to make important changes.

It’s the perfect season to start tackling some of the biggest challenges in the industry and start planning for a successful new year.

Viventium understands the hurdles faced, and we know we’re strongest when we work together. Just like apple cider goes with cider donuts and cinnamon with pumpkin pies, our human capital management tools work best when paired with the perfect recruiting software. That’s why Viventium has partnered with Apploi to help you tackle both staff shortages and turnover challenges this fall.

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