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Feature Spotlight: Online Open Enrollment


Open enrollment is a critical period for your organization. While it provides employees with the opportunity to review and select their benefit options for the upcoming year, it’s no secret that this process is confusing. After all, it’s something that only happens once a year, is filled with legal and HR jargon, and doesn’t always make it clear what options are the best fit for the individual needs of your employees. Additionally, a traditional, paper-based enrollment process contains tons of pages to shift through, requiring hours of manual entry and review by both employees and administrators.

All these factors combine to make it a time-consuming, complex, and error-prone process. As admins, any way that you can make the process of open enrollment a little smoother is always a welcome sight.

Digitization Is Key

One of the largest challenges with saving time and effort during open enrollment is how error prone the process is. The best way to cut down on mistakes is to switch to an online open enrollment system. That’s not all though – an excellent online open enrollment system does more for your business than simply digitizing the process. After all, you could simply send employees the same forms digitally that you were previously giving them physically and call it a digital enrollment. While that’s a step in the right direction, you can do even better.

By using Viventium’s Benefits Administration module, you can revolutionize the way you handle open enrollment. There are many key features in Viventium’s automated enrollment system that will help you save time and sanity for your caregivers and admins alike, but the shopping-cart style experience, guided enrollment, and integrated carrier connections are three of our personal favorites.

Shopping-Cart Enrollment

One of the largest differences that employees will notice when switching from physical enrollment to Viventium’s online process is the shopping-cart style enrollment interface. Gone should be the days of having to flip between pages, checking to see what the differences between benefit plans are and comparing costs and coverage like you’re trying to solve a case from a cheesy true crime show. Benefit plans should instead be laid out as though you’re shopping online, with coverage explained in an easy-to-find description and price per period displayed right next to the plan.

A simple interface makes it easy for employees to understand the different options that they have available to them. This helps employees choose the best plan for themselves and their families, appreciate the benefits they are being offered, and reduce the amount of time that admins are needed for answering enrollment-related questions.

Guided Process

On top of presenting information in an easier-to-understand way, Viventium’s digital system guides employees through the process, rather than providing them with a stack of papers and telling them “good luck.” Traditionally, when filling out benefit paperwork, employees need to read through every single box and determine if they are supposed to fill it out. In theory, this is simple, with employees only filling out what’s required of them. In reality, what this usually ends up resulting in is employees missing sections they were supposed to complete, completing sections they were supposed to skip, or having to check in with their benefits manager a dozen times throughout completing the paperwork.

Instead, Viventium allows employees to complete only what they need to and does not let them move on if they still have required sections to complete. A guided, digital system will remove the guesswork from the process, making it easy for employees to complete their paperwork properly and independently.

Seamless Integration with Providers         

Enrollment admins, this one’s a little something special from us to you. What other staff members may not know or understand about the open enrollment period is that someone has to get all of that information everyone just filled out over to the actual benefit provider. If you still use a paper-based enrollment process, then you don’t need us to explain how cumbersome it is to collect, organize, validate, and send over all the completed enrollment info to your carrier. And even if you have made the process digital, getting everything together to correctly submit can still be a pain. Not only does it take lots of time and effort, but it’s simply stressful, with low-to-zero margin for error on your part.

With Viventium’s EDI Interfaces , you have the option of automating the transfer of benefit election data to your provider via our automated carrier connection integrations. Not only will this automate the administrative side of the benefit process during open enrollment but also throughout the year for payroll-funded benefit elections. You no longer have to send payroll files and spend time formatting data yourself.


Finding an online solution that simplifies the enrollment process by empowering your team to complete benefits enrollment independently is hard. That’s why Viventium has gone ahead and made the choice easy. With all the best tools to make open enrollment painless AND built specially to be used in tandem with Viventium Payroll, Viventium's Benefits Administration platform was built for companies like you. Digitizing open enrollment, saving you time, and making your job easier are just some of the many ways that Viventium is forever in it with you.

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