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Happy National Home Care and Hospice Month


Happy National Home Care and Hospice Month

“Thank you” – most of us say these words many times a day, from thanking your barista when doing a coffee run to thanking your Amazon delivery person for bringing that package you’ve eagerly been waiting for.

As we all know, November is National Home Care and Hospice Month, and as a payroll and human capital management (HCM) software company that caters to home care and hospice agencies, we wanted to take the time to thank the caregivers, staff, and agency owners that make the magic happen every single day. However, “thank you” – one of the most powerful phrases – falls short of fully encompassing our gratitude to the caregivers in the home care and hospice field who make sure our loved ones are taken care of. We greatly appreciate everything you and they do, especially since the pandemic began, where they’ve bravely served our communities in the face of personal risk.

Virgin Group founder Sir Richard Branson suggests that the key to taking care of your clients or customers begins with a focus on employees: “If you take care of your employees,” Branson has famously said, “they’ll take care of your business.”

So, as we celebrate our home care and hospice clients this month, we took a few minutes to gather some of our favorite resources for agencies. As we listened to their concerns throughout the year, one theme that we heard loud and clear was the need to communicate with, appreciate, and listen to the voice of caregivers.


The Power of the Paystub: Pay Transparency for Caregivers, Less Compliance Risk for Agencies

Roles Reversed – A Q&A About What Home Care Owners Say Their Caregivers Want

Why Caregiver Training is a Priority

Caregiver Development: Investing in Your Biggest Asset


And if you have time for an on-demand webinar, check out the following:

The Hierarchy of Caregivers’ Needs – How Agencies Can Meet Those Needs: How to Reward Your Agency with the Gift of Caregiver Retention

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