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Payroll Feature Spotlight: Admin Quality of Life


In the world of software, it’s easy to get swept away by flashy features and cutting-edge technologies. While these features certainly have their appeal, we often overlook the small quality-of-life features that can make all the difference between a choppy workflow and a smooth work experience. In this payroll feature spotlight, we decided to shine a light on the “unsung heroes” of Viventium Payroll and HR.

While some of these features may only save a few minutes here and there, for those who spend a lot of time in your company’s payroll and HR software, the time saved with Viventium will not only add up fast but also make the whole process of working much more streamlined and enjoyable. From powerful Global Search functionality that offers instant access to information across the entire Viventium product suite to an intuitive Configurable Payroll Grid that lets admins make payroll adjustments easier than ever, Viventium is packed full of small yet powerful features.

Let’s hop into a few of our personal favorites!

Global Search

Global Search is a feature that empowers payroll admins by providing instant access to information, regardless of where it is. As your business grows, the amount of data grows with it. Even with a well-organized system, navigating to the desired location can become a time-consuming process, requiring multiple menus and screens. Finding what you need may only take a minute at a time, but altogether the time wasted quickly adds up and creates a choppy workflow.

Let’s say your organization operates in three different locations, and you want to find a particular employee. Rather than searching through three different company codes, you can simply type the employee’s name into the search bar and easily click to the profile.

Viventium’s Global Search feature also allows users to find things across the entire Viventium suite, not just the specific module you’re currently in. This means if you’re working in the Onboarding module and can’t remember where to find the Reports Library, you can just type “reports library” into the search bar and get there in a single click.

Date of Service

Ensuring that employees are paid for services rendered is a critical responsibility for payroll admins. However, the process of verifying pay based on specific service dates can often be challenging and time consuming.

Payroll admins have to sort through employee timesheets and pay stubs, often in two separate programs, to confirm that employees were paid correctly. This is where Viventium’s Date of Service feature comes to the rescue. With this feature, admins no longer have to open up multiple software and cross examine data just to validate if an employee was accurately paid for a specific workday; they can conveniently select the desired date and gain immediate access to the relevant employee pay stub, presenting all the details they need.

This revised process makes searching for specific time entries much more efficient and is possible due to Viventium’s ability to not only store pay info but also time-tracking data. With centralized storage of everything relevant to determining whether employees have been paid correctly, admins’ jobs become easier.

Let’s say an employee asks your admin for information about pay for a specific day. Most times, you would need to search within a pay period and try to decipher pay for that one particular day. With Date of Service, you can quickly access the pay stub that reflects that employee’s pay that day.

Pay History

Continuing with the theme of post-payroll features, an exemplary pay history system is more than just an archive of past payrolls. Your pay history data serves critical reporting purposes and acts as a valuable resource for future payroll reviews. Providing your payroll admins with a means to conveniently review and access this information can significantly enhance their workflow when it comes to locating and analyzing specific payroll data.

So, what differentiates run-of-the-mill and remarkable pay history features? Customizable date ranges, enabling admins to efficiently navigate through years of payroll history and reduce unnecessary clutter. Additionally, the ability to reprint old pay stubs within the pay stub history section if employees ever need a physical copy of old pay stubs (even though employees also have access to do this themselves through their Viventium Employee Self Service portal). This sort of small but meaningful impact on the admin experience goes a long way in making payroll management a smoother experience.

Configurable Payroll Grids

Even with the goal of minimizing manual payroll entry via automation, payroll admins often encounter situations that require manual updates. Whether it’s adding additional hours that employees didn’t capture in the time keeping software, applying bonuses, or making adjustments specific to the current pay period, payroll admins need an intuitive and flexible method of modifying payroll without altering the standard setup settings they have established for their regular automation.

Viventium solves this by offering a customizable, Excel-style interface for inputting manual payroll updates. With custom views and filters, admins can display or hide the payroll variables they need, allowing them to focus on relevant information only. Admins can then enter or modify the appropriate data by simply clicking the associated cell and changing the number.

For example, let’s say that a payroll admin is tasked with giving each employee a $100 holiday bonus at the end of the year. All they would need to do is enter the current payroll period, add a bonus amount column, then type 100 into the column’s cells. This will then appear on employees’ pay stubs, correctly labeled as a bonus, without affecting future payrolls.

Tying It All Together

Viventium’s quality-of-life features represent the excellence and care that we strive to provide to our clients. Features that save time, offer convenience, make things more user-friendly, and smoothen workflows are throughout the entire Viventium suite. Payroll admins can utilize these features to improve accuracy and productivity, all while increasing employee satisfaction with tools that go above and beyond the industry standard.


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