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Payroll Feature Spotlight: Multi-Location Payroll Processing


If you’re running a business with multiple locations, you know firsthand how challenging it can be to manage payroll. As your company expands, so does its payroll complexity.

Handling payroll for each location can quickly become a time-consuming task. Even if you’ve transitioned to an automated payroll management solution, it can sometimes feel like you’re reliving your grandparents’ old stories of battling snowstorms uphill both ways to get payroll completed. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be hard! With the right tools for the job, payroll can become a breeze, regardless of the number of locations you have.

Payroll Blizzard

One of the largest challenges with managing payroll for multiple locations is the sheer amount of data. Each location has its own set of employee information, including names, addresses, job titles, pay rates, and tax details. When this data is scattered across multiple silos, updating and maintaining consistency across various locations becomes a tedious and error-prone task, especially when admins are required to switch between user accounts for each location.

Let’s look at an example of a care provider operating across 20 locations. The payroll software they use does not allow a singular user account to manage multiple locations. This means that when payroll needs to be run, admins are faced with the time-consuming process of navigating through individual accounts, constantly logging in and out, switching between locations, and manually managing or running payroll for each one. Any company-wide backend changes that need to be made? Admins will need to run through each account separately, repeating the changes for all 20 locations.

The unnecessary time and effort expended in managing multiple accounts is a significant issue. Not only does it consume valuable time, but it also increases the likelihood of errors occurring and makes them more challenging to identify, as only people from the location that the error is occurring at would be able to recognize and report it.

Payroll Breeze

The most effective way to solve these challenges is consolidating all data and processes into a single, centralized location. This doesn’t mean that each location has to be forced to act as though they are operating as a single entity. The key is to empower admins who manage multiple locations by providing them with the ability to access and manage all locations from a single point of control.

Let’s revisit our previous example of an admin responsible for 20 locations. With a payroll software that allows admins to manage different locations in one central place, they can easily make modifications and verify rules across the company. This reduces the likelihood of errors, provides a more efficient workflow, and saves valuable time.

As a bonus, centralizing your data can make your payroll process more secure. It allows your super admins to establish access controls, ensuring that only appropriate parties are able to see sensitive information. Furthermore, having a single audit trail simplifies the process of monitoring and investigating any issues.

Enter Viventium

If you think that it’s time to switch to a payroll solution that allows your admins to manage payroll more efficiently across multiple locations, Viventium has you covered. Viventium understands the needs of businesses with multiple locations and the complexities of payroll management. And not only do we understand it, we do something about it. Our intuitive and user-friendly platform allows admins to effortlessly access and manage all locations from a single user account. Whether you need to implement company-wide rule changes or just run routine payroll, admins are able to manage everything from a centralized location, ensuring consistency, speed, and accuracy.

In addition, Viventium provides admins with features like Geo Tax, Task Management, Rule-Based Automation, and more, all with the goal of making it as efficient as possible for you to manage multiple locations at once. Say goodbye to your payroll snowstorm and say hello to Viventium.

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