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Payroll Feature Spotlight: Rule-Based Automation


There are not many people who enjoy doing chores, household or otherwise. Of course, there are “fun chores,” like decorating for holidays or redesigning new rooms, but I’m sure if we all found a way to automate those “not-so-fun chores,” like folding laundry or taking out the garbage, we would. Now don’t get too excited because unfortunately, at Viventium, our software doesn’t automate household chores (I know, bummer); however, we couldn’t help but notice that for payroll admins, there are many payroll-related chores that need attention.

Payroll admins – your role is critical. After all, nobody gets paid unless you run payroll, but sorting through who needs to have their PTO increased when they hit their 5-year work anniversary doesn’t make the “top 5 most enjoyable things to do” list. You have more strategic payroll initiatives to tend to.

Lucky for you, we do create software that automates payroll chores.

Why Standardize?

It may seem like the best way to avoid annoying payroll chores is to simply avoid policies that create them in the first place. This isn’t a great option in most situations, however, because having standardized policies for things such as tenure, role, union status, etc. is extremely useful for ensuring that common pay practices are applied across the organization.

For example, a common practice is providing a set amount of PTO to employees based on their tenure with the company. And PTO isn’t the only thing that can be standardized, with seasonal bonuses, pay rate based on tenure or department, and a plethora of other options available depending on the needs of your business.

Standardized policies make it easy for employees to understand why they are being compensated what they are, what conditions need to be met to increase their compensation, and effectively nips in the bud the opportunity for employees to feel as though they are being treated unfairly.

Not Their Problem

While standardizing policies removes the burden of responsibility from employees and managers, it pushes it to payroll admins, who must ensure everyone is being compensated correctly based on various variables that all have standard values associated with them. Although simply keeping up with tenure might seem straightforward, imagine having to keep up with tenure in addition to job role moves, seasonal/performance bonuses, and a variety of other factors that are constantly changing and vary from department to department.

In a world with a limited number of hours in the day and a job with a very low tolerance for not meeting deadlines, all the little payroll chores start to add up quickly and can create a stressful environment. It doesn’t help that – like laundry – simply sorting through these changes and making the appropriate adjustments is a monotonous, unengaging chore.

Enter Rule-Based Automation

A task that is repetitive, with little to no decision making, yet consumes so much time out of your day is a perfect candidate for automation! While automation may seem like it would be difficult or complicated, with the proper tools, it can be incredibly simple. With Viventium, you can use our Rule-Based Automation feature even if you have no experience with programming or other types of automation. Think “if this, then that.”

To illustrate how easy it is, let’s go back to our earlier example of a tenure-based PTO policy. With Viventium, all your employees’ start dates are logged on their employee profile. You then simply have to designate how much PTO is accrued per accrual period (typically per pay period) based on employee tenure. Viventium will then automatically apply the correct amount of PTO hours to each employee’s total PTO by comparing the employee’s tenure to the policy you created. Viventium will check this policy and any other policies you create each time you run your payroll, automatically applying the correct amount of PTO or any other compensation you desire.

After the initial setup, you should never have to mess with the policy again, unless your company decides to change it. This turns what was once a time consuming, monotonous chore into something that you no longer have to even think about. Our Rule-Based Automation feature is just another way that you can save more time during your already busy enough workday.

Take a breath. You’re with Viventium.

P.S. Seriously, reach out to us if you know of any laundry-folding robots.

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