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Onboarding Feature Spotlight: Custom Onboarding Plans


Onboarding is a critical phase in any organization, setting the foundation for how well new hires integrate into their roles and become productive members of the team.

In the care industry, where various employee categories like office staff, caregivers, skilled nurses, and more require different sets of paperwork, orientations, and trainings, creating a streamlined onboarding system can feel like an impossible task for hiring managers. The complexity of managing multiple onboarding processes while ensuring compliance can lead to errors and inefficiencies. Luckily, there are automated solutions available that can empower you to standardize your onboarding process and help you eliminate the risk of oversight and mistakes that hiring managers often encounter.

High Standards

To elevate your onboarding process, the first step should be establishing a formal and consistent process that every new hire will follow when they join your organization. When done properly, your hiring managers will no longer be burdened with having to remember every single step and requirement for each new hire for every job role that they manage. Instead, they can simply follow a predefined list of tasks that ensures the completion of essential documents, like W-4s and I-9s, and the delivery of critical information, like employee handbooks and trainings. In addition, standardization helps eliminate inconsistencies in onboarding styles between managers, giving all new hires the same experience regardless of who is managing their onboarding.

All of this is perfect except for one thing. . . you still have a human administering everything! Let’s face it – in the famous words of Hannah Montana, “Everybody makes mistakes.” The fact is that none of us are perfect, and the more involved in a process we are, the higher the likelihood of errors. A manual onboarding process brings with it the risk of oversight and delays and can hinder the effective integration of new hires into your organization.

Unique Solutions

The most effective way to ensure a consistent and timely onboarding process for every new hire is with automation. With an automated onboarding system, hiring managers can effortlessly deliver the exact same experience to each individual, streamlining the process from start to finish. Once hiring managers have input a new employee’s personal details, like name and email address, your onboarding software can work its magic.

The best part? You get to tailor the onboarding experience specifically to each role. Different plans may share some common elements, but they will also be tailored to the exact position that your new employee is starting. This targeted approach gives them the opportunity to hit the ground running faster than ever before. With the click of a button, your onboarding software will send out a list of tasks for new hires to complete (preferably using phased onboarding), allowing every single person to get the best experience possible. No more delays or confusion. The software acts as a guiding hand, leading them through the onboarding process you have built for them, exactly the way you intended.

In It With You

When it comes to onboarding, you want to make sure that the process is as effective as possible. After all, a first impression can impact employee retention, satisfaction, and their journey to becoming productive team members.

At Viventium, we understand the significance of onboarding, which is why Viventium Onboarding was built specifically to meet the needs of care providers like you. Our comprehensive solution provides every tool necessary to create an exceptional onboarding strategy, conveniently packaged in an intuitive and user-friendly software.

Viventium Onboarding puts the power in your hands to create a unique onboarding process that works for your unique business. Eliminate errors and missed deadlines due to manual management and ensure that each new hire receives the correct resources and information they need to hit the ground running.

At Viventium, your success is our success. Experience the difference with Viventium and unlock your team from day one.

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