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Onboarding for Retention: How Solving the Post-Acute Care Workforce Crisis Begins with Your Employees’ First 100 Days

June 29, 2023

For every other industry in the U.S., average employee turnover occurs after the first year of employment. But for the post-acute care industry, you only have 100 days to retain your staff or you'll lose 40% of your staff in 3 months – costing you over $77,000 in turnover costs.

As the average annual care staff turnover rate spiked 12% in the last year after remaining steady for the last 3 years, it's time to solve this industry-wide workforce crisis.

The solution? Onboarding for retention.

Join Home Care Pulse's Director of Sales, Mike Walpole, and Viventium's Director of Compliance, Malka Trump, CPA, CPP, as they break down:

  • Data-driven recruitment strategies to implement upon job offer;
  • Technical best practices and logistics for your administrative team; and
  • How to cultivate an experience that retains long-term employees for years to come.

Enough is enough – come gather the tools you need to make you staff's first 100 days count!

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